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This textboard doesn't have a dedicated moderation team. I don't have any plans on creating one and I would like to keep it that way. Each board has a different theme and all threads should stay close with that theme. To help you out I have typed out their themes below.

/feels/ is for discussing your personal feelings, experiences, and mental health. Feelings of any sort are welcomed on this board. This is not a depression only board. Feel free to blog about your life if you want to.

/p/ is for discussing politics and current events. This board is politically neutral, this means that no political belief is placed on a pedestal. Try to keep the discussions mature if you can. Current events should have some political flavor to it. For example, a discussion about rampant homelessness in California and its ramifications. Events like, "Drunk dude runs over a family with his car", should be avoided.

/r/ is for discussing random topics that would be considered off-topic on the other boards.