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Is it over...
#0   Wed Aug 7 18:53:17 PDT 2019
if you cut your own hair? lmao I look like an autistic retard. holy shit man my life is so stupid
#1   Wed Aug 7 20:34:41 PDT 2019
I think the surest sign of over is obsessive overthinking.
#2   Wed Aug 7 23:13:06 PDT 2019
@0 I sometimes cut certain parts of my own hair if they grow out wrong then end up cutting too much off making a mess of things.

@1 I also have an obsessive overthinking as well as overreacting problem.

Is it over for me?
#3   Thu Aug 8 05:38:33 PDT 2019
cutting your own hair in itself isn't a crazy thing to do. Doing so because you are afraid to go somewhere to get it cut can be seen as being on the way to over
#4   Thu Aug 8 18:35:16 PDT 2019
It's over for you.
#5   Thu Aug 8 23:49:41 PDT 2019
@4 Are you talking about OP or @2 being me?
#6   Thu Aug 15 04:15:14 PDT 2019
The state of being over is now over
#7   Thu Aug 15 05:50:21 PDT 2019
Lol I look retarded too, I have no real fashion sense, and my haircut is basically just letting everything grow. I don't even wash my hair as often as I should, but I just don't give a fuck anymore.
#8   Fri Aug 16 00:10:48 PDT 2019
@7 I need to get a shower and wash my hair. Probably will do that in a couple of hours.
#9  Sat Sep 7 06:33:11 PDT 2019
You need to put in more observations to notice where do you fuck up with cutting your hair. It is possible to cut your own hair, but you need to make realizations.

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