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What is the thread below all about?
#0   Tue Aug 6 05:17:09 PDT 2019
It scares me.
#1   Tue Aug 6 07:59:48 PDT 2019
I'm not sure. I added a new honeypot text input to the new thread page. Basically automated spammers will usually fill out all of the input fields and so the honeypot method will place a hidden text input on the page and if this text input is filled out then the post will be discarded. I think that should help with automated spammers.
#2   Tue Aug 6 18:38:50 PDT 2019
Yeah, it definitely weirded me out as well. Also should I be worried about all of this talk about honeypots?
#3   Thu Aug 15 05:55:55 PDT 2019
It's not a pedophile honeypot, it's a honeypot for automated spam bots. There are multiple uses of the concept.
#4   Fri Aug 16 00:13:16 PDT 2019

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