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Key events of misery
#0  Fri Sep 27 12:16:45 PDT 2019
Can you pinpoint the cause of your current state of life to one exact event?
#1  Fri Sep 27 14:16:21 PDT 2019
Mid '90s had an event that was life altering, but I wouldn't say that it led to my exact current state. It definitely spiraled a domino effect of events though and probably led to my current disconnect with my family. But in terms of my overall life I'd say the mid 2000s when I had my first girlfriend is what caused my ultimate demise. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from hanging out with certain people that led me to meeting my first girlfriend as well as being raped by someone I thought was my friend at gunpoint.
#2  Fri Sep 27 16:09:27 PDT 2019
I can't really imagine that. Please don't mind me at all if it's painful, but I don't understand to which one of you did it happen, to you or to your girlfriend? I am really sorry to have to ask this.
#3  Sun Sep 29 05:32:41 PDT 2019
No. It's a consequence of what feels like an unceasing barrage of shit. All I can remember is things getting worse, always and steadily.
@1 I have to admit, I'm jealous. Sounds like you had friends and love. I'm not even worth raping.
#4  Sun Sep 29 15:14:30 PDT 2019
It was my friend who raped me. I trusted him and was staying with him for a while then he turned on me, pulled a gun out on me, started assaulting me, made me suck him off, kiss him, raped me, and more or less kept me hostage for a couple more weeks until my family was looking for me. There's a lot more to what happened but I'd really rather not go into the entire full details as it's something worse than most horror/thriller films. It's really messed with me for a long time now. Don't be sorry, I'm the one who started off by mentioning it. So there's no need for you to apologize about asking.

@3I used to, I was probably one of the most popular or at least well known person among my peers in town. Even though most people would typically describe me as "A good person but very weird and unusual". I never had a group that I particularly belonged to. I just ended up hanging out from group to group of randoms trying to build onto those friendships. Until that led me to dating, getting cheated on, drama filled life, and many many more "happenings".
#5  Tue Oct 1 10:17:33 PDT 2019
It was moving to Oklahoma in the third grade.
#6  Tue Oct 1 15:58:48 PDT 2019
I made the wrong choice in 2013.
#7  Thu Oct 3 06:44:14 PDT 2019
@5 It wasn't even your fault but there's still no coming back from that.
#8  Sun Oct 6 00:48:39 PDT 2019
When my parents decided to have sex and create me.
#9  Sun Oct 6 10:40:46 PDT 2019
Yes, that's what started it all for every one of us.
Too bad my dad's vasectomy didn't work.

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