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How do I get over my primal urges to have sex?
#0  Sat Sep 21 13:03:00 PDT 2019
I'm sick of having primal urges over women. Obsession over their bodies and wanting physical relationships with them. But I utterly find them disgusting on the inside. Their personalities are very stale and unforgiving to me. I truly hate them. I'm sick of this constant feeling of desire to have sex. I want to truly become independent of that desire and never interact with them again. They're truly nothing more than a waste of time and I could be doing something much more fulfilling in my life then wishing I could only have sex and then masturbate.
#1  Sat Sep 21 14:16:14 PDT 2019
Aw come on, they're not so bad. True, I never received anything but negativity from them but when I'm observing from the outside without interacting, I can't help but feel there's few genuinely bad persons among them. Well, I can't really blame you for feeling the way you do. I understand what it's like, how hard it is. In my case it provokes different feelings. Instead of resentment and hate I'm filled with directionless sadness and regret. All the hate and hostility I received was senseless and unjustified, but I don't want to respond with the same. No one should be hated like that, and I don't want to make the problem worse.
Sorry for an off-topic response. I hope you'll be able to find a satisfying solution. I don't want to lecture you on what to do or think, but maybe you could consider embracing a gentler perspective? We won't change what other people did to us, it was wrong, but there's so much misery in the world as it is... maybe trying not to do any more damage is worthwhile?
#2  Mon Sep 23 04:12:24 PDT 2019
Sounds like you need to get over yourself. So you’re going to die alone. Whoopdedoo! Might as well get used to it. When the urge hits, I masturbate too and then stop thinking about it for a while.
#3  Mon Sep 23 08:32:59 PDT 2019
@2 Sounds like you're trying too hard to look like a tough guy. "Get over yourself", fucking ridiculous. What are you, 19 or something? Jesus.
#4  Tue Sep 24 02:16:56 PDT 2019
@3 You’re projecting again. Telling the truth doesn’t make anyone a tough guy. You either get over it or you never do. Have you forgotten we’re dying alone and unloved here?
#5  Tue Sep 24 05:41:44 PDT 2019
@4 Wow, you're soooo tough.
#6  Tue Sep 24 05:59:58 PDT 2019
@4 Also you said "again" so I reckon you get that kind of reactions a lot, LOL edgy ass confirmed.
#7  Thu Sep 26 08:36:18 PDT 2019
@0 I'm a bit torn between posting what I think might help you and being afraid that I am wrong. Would you mind going over it together?
#8  Fri Sep 27 03:44:04 PDT 2019
Fap. But most importantly fill your life with something else
When I stay at home doing nothing all day I get urges at 2 pm. When I do stuff and go out with friends I might even not masturbate for a day (or two). If you have resentment towards women expel them from being in your mind 24/7.
Also remember that lots of people are disgusting, regardless of sex, and you shouldn't base your opinion on someone exclusively on how he/she treats you
#9  Fri Sep 27 19:14:55 PDT 2019
@0 I'm @7. The strongest drug I've heard of is anti-androgen. Ask your therapist if they recommend SSRI instead. There might be better ways to relax your super-sensitive SES/SIS but if I write too much you won't read it.
Your experiences: constant SES doesn't let you see the world with a cool head.

Don't hurt others. Don't hurt yourself. Don't be stupid. Don't assume I know shit, I don't. Not every therapist is on the best path. Related:
#10  Sun Sep 29 11:23:58 PDT 2019
I've been thinking the past days and lack of bodily exercise puts a lot of stress on your nerves, daily. Clutter stress them too. Someone once told me he has a condition that forces him to work out 3 hours every single day to keep it at bay (he had a different one but I forgot how it's called). Find the right amount of exercise for you and have your nerves relax, they should be less sensitive when they are relaxed.
#11  Mon Oct 7 14:31:04 PDT 2019
Try to develop autogynephilia and fall in love with the best person for you: yourself. Sufficiently strong autogynephilia can displace heterosexual urges almost completely. Over time the autogynephile can pair-bond with the female after ego, thereby achieving a kind of inner marriage, effectively romantic self-sufficiency. Warning: side effects include masturbating to embarrassing fiction and transsexuality as the female personality develops more fully and replaces the masculine.

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