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#0  Fri Sep 20 13:38:24 PDT 2019
I can't handle any amout of stress. Even school feels stressful now. I know that this is probably nothing compared to the burden some of you people have to go trough, but I just can't do anything. When I get home, I just feel fatigued. I just sink down in front of my computer and can't even get myself to play any games or similar. Then, the next morning, another day, another stressful entry in my life. I just want to stop and remain in one place forever, and if it would have to be my bathroom in the morning. No, I have to go, have to move, get on the train to the city, return in the evening, repeat. Sometimes I imagine how it would feel if I would just fell before the train in the morning.
#1  Fri Sep 20 20:56:02 PDT 2019
life's a bitch then you die

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