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#0  Mon Sep 16 02:43:52 PDT 2019
I want to start making money in attempts of living on my own. But I don't want to "put my real identity" out there. I'm not trying to get rich but be able to pay my own bills, etc. Then have a bit of spending money towards various interests I have. I also would like to possibly live tax-free. I guess if I had to have a roommate that would be okay and in a slight bit of possibility. I don't want to also attract any unnecessary attention to myself. I've thought about getting into cryptocurrency but I live nowhere remotely near a "Bitcoin ATM" or anything else. My only thoughts regarding that is to get a hardware wallet. But I also have no contacts that I could trade with for cash or any other monetary/goods value.

Any advice or suggestions based on my thread entry here on /d/?
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
#1  Fri Sep 20 12:05:23 PDT 2019
@0 Well, I've read it. I'm not really there in cryptocurrency either. I can't really offer any advice, except maybe focus on just one thing first, you seem to have your hands full. Maybe, why not take inventory of what you have, and ask around what people want. Unless you find some kind of loophole and pull it off, I think you gotta sell if you want to take.

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