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Do you have a healthy social life?
#0  Fri Sep 13 03:00:23 PDT 2019
I haven't actively had a social life since 2012.
Things are starting to feel extremely grim and bleak moving forward to the future.
Entering a new decade without any friends or family is tearing me apart.
#1  Fri Sep 13 06:44:44 PDT 2019
I think I dropped all my friends around 2012 after realizing that hanging out with them always left me feeling worse than before and that I had been forcing myself into social situations I didn't enjoy. My only regular interactions since have been with my parents since I live at home. I have coworkers but I talk to them as little as possible and never about personal things.
#2  Fri Sep 13 09:46:24 PDT 2019
I never did.
#3  Fri Sep 13 16:05:39 PDT 2019
@2 Same here.
#4  Sat Sep 14 23:34:18 PDT 2019
In a word, no.
#5  Fri Sep 20 12:18:14 PDT 2019
How it's done?

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