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Do you have any goals for Q4 of 2019?
#0  Wed Sep 11 05:06:59 PDT 2019
I want to be a in a better place so I can make 2020 as productive as possible.
#1  Wed Sep 11 07:13:43 PDT 2019
Think up of an interesting web project to work on.
#2  Wed Sep 11 08:23:18 PDT 2019
Ah the always present myth of productivity.
Your goal shouldn't be to make as much shit as possible because seriously, 99% of what all people do with their lives is worthless.
The only lasting legacy of our pointless lives will be landfills full of everlasting discarded plastic.

Instead focus on wasting as little as possible. This goes for everything- electricity, materials, your personal time and energy. Getting "productive" for the sake of conforming with the society's arbitrary expectations is folly.
Our culture is centered around the cult of always taking determined action, always rushing to be doing "something" no matter the wider consequences.
Almost no one ever stops to wonder if inaction would be the least harmful choice. And it very often would be.

My goal is to try to generate less garbage, in every sense of the word. That's all you can hope for in this life really.
#3  Fri Sep 13 00:35:45 PDT 2019
Trying not to drop out of highschool prematurely.
#4  Fri Sep 13 02:28:30 PDT 2019
@2 (not him but) love seeing a different point of view than usual.
But for me I feel dead inside if I'm not excited about something, plus I need to do something not to die of boredom. Watching, reading, listening is just not as fun to me as actually making stuff (making garbage)
That's why I'll continue making worthless shit no-one cares about. Well at least I don't shove into people's faces much, at least yet

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