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Washing my face at school
#0  Thu Aug 29 15:59:20 PDT 2019
Would it be too weird for me to wash my face in the school restroom?

I have an oily face and when I'm at college I get the urge to wash my face so that my ugliness doesn't get amplified by my oily sebum. I'm thinking of bringing a pocket size Cetaphil and a dry face towel with me to college so that I can wash my face when it gets oily. When I'm at home I can keep my oily face under control because I am free to wash it whenever I want but when I'm at college I don't have such a luxury.

The only potential issue holding me back is that people might make fun of me or something... Would it be too weird? Honestly, I really want to do it and I think I will do it but I just want to hear your opinion on this matter. It just makes sense to me that I wash my oily face what could be wrong about that? I've seen people do bad things in a public restroom before so washing your face shouldn't be a problem.
#1  Fri Aug 30 03:49:38 PDT 2019
No, go wash your fucking face.
#2  Fri Aug 30 07:08:54 PDT 2019
@1 Yeah I'm going to do it.
#3  Fri Aug 30 08:04:57 PDT 2019
I used to be afraid to poop at school.
#4  Fri Aug 30 09:29:55 PDT 2019
Just wipe it off in a stall. As long as it's not shiny, it'll be fine.
#5  Fri Aug 30 11:03:23 PDT 2019
I couldn't do it today because class was over way early. I wanted to try but I couldn't muster the courage to do it... Next time for sure I will do it
#6  Fri Aug 30 12:01:07 PDT 2019
@3 I can totally relate. Most of the time, I am congested, so I need lots of time to press out those logs, often mixed with a lot of painful farts.
And then, when wiping my ass, there is always one broken-off log right in my sphincter, and I just smear it all over my ass instead of wiping it clean.
But it's too small to completely eject. This causes me a lot of pain in my anus from all the wiping…
#7  Sat Aug 31 00:45:41 PDT 2019
@6 Same, during my childhood and teenage years my average time taking a shit was around 30-40 minutes. I also had to use an extreme amount of toilet paper to clean myself by the time I was a teenager because I had a large amount of hair already. So I started using baby wipes. Well I couldn't exactly take baby wipes with me to school. Most days I'd try to hold it but there would be the rare occasions where I'd call to be picked up just to go take a shit at home.
#8  Sat Aug 31 02:18:41 PDT 2019
This text board is nice
#9  Fri Sep 6 07:34:40 PDT 2019
No this is gross banned
#10  Sat Sep 7 04:57:26 PDT 2019
Do wash you face by all means. I carry around a 75 ml flask I've re-purposed with face cleaning gel. It's commercial and it contains Salycilic acid and a surfactant among other things. My face is happy if I use it 1-3 times additionally to evening and morning.

I started using it after I accidentally happened to be allowed to a female friend's bathroom and it was the sole thing on the basin. I asked what it was. Afterwards I've realized that she looks better than me not because that's how she is but because she acts on her needs.

I know her and other females for more than 10 years and she must know how my face looks but she never once suggested to use it. I'm saying that others, people looking better than you, probably do it too they just won't tell you. Even if they don't you should be proud to show a good example of acting on your specific needs.

If anyone uses this as an opportunity to make fun of you, they probably are people who use every opportunity to be mean to others just for fun and are either clueless as to what is happening or just evil, thus you can safely ignore them if you can, and manage your version of a "fuck you" if you can't.
#11  Sat Sep 7 05:08:21 PDT 2019
P.S. Also, most females I observed do a PR thing when accused of being weird by telling something like "my face is very oily and to be healthy needs washing 4 times a day".

Their common thing is they always state the fact in good faith and positive light. If this fails they usually close the connection.

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