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Not Photogenic
#0  Tue Aug 27 15:11:16 PDT 2019
I look ugly on all of the photo IDs that I have. Today I got my college ID and I look ugly as fuck. When the girl was handing me the ID she tried to force a smile. The thought of showing my ID card to people makes me so anxious.
#1  Wed Aug 28 03:53:27 PDT 2019
At least someone tried to smile at you. I got outright told I look bizarre IRL and like a dangerous pedophile in my IDs.
#2  Sat Sep 7 10:44:35 PDT 2019
I can't even smile straight. I just can't move the right side of my mouth. I look like a psychotic maniac in every picture where I smile in.
#3  Mon Sep 9 06:06:12 PDT 2019
>implying at least half of that isn’t a valid descriptor of you
#4  Wed Sep 11 05:01:30 PDT 2019
I hate being photographed when I smile. I'm self-conscious about my teeth.

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