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Current Life Goals
#0   Sat Aug 24 11:01:43 PDT 2019
Here's mine
  • Finish college
  • Get a job
  • Move out of parent's house
  • Fix my face
  • Learn to drive a car

People will often tell me that it's my fault and not my parents. I disagree my parents have failed in their job as parents. Neglectful idiots who've told me lies for so many years now. I really hate them.
#1  Sat Aug 24 23:18:47 PDT 2019
It is your fault for having bad luck.
#2  Sun Aug 25 00:08:17 PDT 2019
I need to figure out who I want to be.
#3  Sun Aug 25 05:42:54 PDT 2019
@1 Preposterous.
@2 How about a god?
#4  Sun Aug 25 06:25:48 PDT 2019
Uhm actually I never really thought about it
Let's try:
  • Understand what I want to do in life. Finish college
  • Form a personal taste in movies, anime, books and music
  • Become a better musician, actually learn to play an instrument. Make music with other people
  • Be excited about something again

Driving a car doesn't feel like something I'd put into a "life goals" list personally.
Anyway thanks for this thread, I needed to do this
#5  Sun Aug 25 07:33:27 PDT 2019
All of you college kids are so young.
I'd like to find a job I enjoy and can stick with; I've given up on an actual career but I don't like changing jobs every 2-3 years. If it pays enough to allow me to save and have some spending money, then even better. I also want to continue improving my fitness level.
I have a lot of short term goals, but I guess I'm pretty unambitious when it comes to life goals.

@1 What's wrong with your face, anyway?
#6  Sun Aug 25 13:05:41 PDT 2019
@4 Oh I forgot, I also want to find a community I'd feel like I belong to
#7  Sun Aug 25 20:54:55 PDT 2019
Ugly face with acne scars.
#8  Tue Aug 27 23:04:09 PDT 2019
@3 What do you mean by "How about a god?"

I'm going to assume you're asking me about religion, which I don't really have a religious preference. I believe in a higher power due to existence but I don't believe in any traditional God or Gods.
#9  Wed Aug 28 03:50:55 PDT 2019
@8 It's a joke.
#10  Wed Aug 28 06:21:13 PDT 2019
@0 You got boomer'd
@7 RIP. Maybe become an actor for some scar face kind of movie.
@8 I think it was intended to mean "Why don't you just want to become a god?"
#11  Fri Aug 30 05:21:38 PDT 2019

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