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#0   Thu Aug 22 05:36:02 PDT 2019
I'm sitting here listening to some Eurobeat while drinking a bottle of water.
#1   Thu Aug 22 10:05:24 PDT 2019
I'm laying on a bed procrastinating studying, soon (hopefully) I'll be eating cake because of the birthday of a family member. It's kinda hot in here and the room is a bit dim because of the half closed window shutters
#2   Thu Aug 22 12:16:34 PDT 2019
There's a cool breeze blowing through my window today. Summer is finally winding down.
#3   Thu Aug 22 14:53:52 PDT 2019
I went for a drive earlier and the only notable thing I found was a police checkpoint. I haven't seen one in years.
#4   Fri Aug 23 00:59:22 PDT 2019
enjoying some berry yogurt
#5   Fri Aug 23 01:41:40 PDT 2019
Sitting here listening to some Phantasmagoria, reading some stuff online, and talking to a few others on Discord. Probably going to fix a bite to eat here in a little bit starting to get a tad bit hungry.
#6   Fri Aug 23 13:46:20 PDT 2019
My experience living as a neet with my parents for 6 years now is that it sucks ass.
#7   Fri Aug 23 22:45:31 PDT 2019
I suffer as an ugly male.
#8   Sat Aug 24 03:49:45 PDT 2019
@6 Try living as a NEET for close to 12.
#9   Sat Aug 24 05:04:06 PDT 2019
@6 "Real" life sucks more.
#10   Sat Aug 24 06:12:03 PDT 2019
Here's something you never wanted to know:

I'm trying to bleach my ass, balls and dick but after a month they're still the same old disgusting grey-brown.

That is all.
Have a nice day.
#11   Sat Aug 24 09:06:39 PDT 2019
I haven't slept in 24 hours and I need to push myself to stay up for 9 more hours.
#12  Sat Aug 24 23:20:08 PDT 2019
>one life
>was born with brown nipples
#13  Sun Aug 25 00:06:33 PDT 2019
My back hurts so bad. I need to really work on my posture.
#14  Sun Aug 25 05:48:21 PDT 2019
@13 That might not be enough. The pain is often caused by wider musculoskeletal issues requiring additional rehabilitation. See an orthopedist if you can.
#15  Sun Aug 25 09:58:49 PDT 2019
@12 >_<
#16  Sun Aug 25 10:00:13 PDT 2019
Currently eating very spicy instant ramen. My lips are burning.
#17  Sun Aug 25 11:09:15 PDT 2019
@15 <_<
#18  Sun Aug 25 22:24:47 PDT 2019
For some reason it can be hard for me to breathe properly. Sometimes I would hold my breath for no reason at all. I try to breathe through my nose because I read that it was good for the brain but I'm used to breathing through my mouth. I have to juggle with breathing through my nose or mouth. It's very annoying.
#19  Mon Aug 26 01:30:22 PDT 2019
>I read that it was good for the brain
That's the dumbest thing I've read today.
#20  Mon Aug 26 07:25:26 PDT 2019
#21  Mon Aug 26 11:20:03 PDT 2019
@20 Yeah, that's the dumbest thing I've read today.
#22  Mon Aug 26 11:51:01 PDT 2019
@17 >_>
#23  Tue Aug 27 05:01:53 PDT 2019
Kill me, I don't like working…
#24  Tue Aug 27 10:38:07 PDT 2019
*works you to death*
Heh nothing personnel, kid.
#25  Tue Aug 27 11:44:48 PDT 2019
It's quite a shock to realize how much of a loser you are when you go to school and see stereotypical losers have a good social circle while you have no one. I don't know a single person and I don't know how to even start. I guess that's the result of being a shut-in NEET for so many years.
#26  Tue Aug 27 11:55:21 PDT 2019
@25 They're clearly not losers. Losers don't have friends.
#27  Tue Aug 27 23:06:07 PDT 2019
I hate my nose hair.
#28  Wed Aug 28 06:18:04 PDT 2019
@24 No, u
@25 It's not like normies are fun to be around anyway. I know lots of people, but they all seem superficial and spiritually closed off. I only know one person that is "awake". Sadly, the chances of finding such a person are miniscule. So, don't worry, even normies most likely don't know any interesting person themselves, they only have the numbers going for them, but 50 boring people are just as good as none at all.
@27 Burn it off, then. I bet that feels quite novel.
#29  Wed Aug 28 22:54:27 PDT 2019
I'm enjoying farting a lot tonight feels pretty damn good to push out.
#30  Fri Aug 30 08:06:27 PDT 2019
I hate being sick.
#31  Fri Aug 30 12:08:40 PDT 2019
@29 Don't push things too far!
#32  Sat Aug 31 00:47:01 PDT 2019
I'm losing my mind and trying to keep myself from breaking everything! I'm mentally stressed to my limits.
#33  Sat Aug 31 02:10:51 PDT 2019
@32 What's bothering you? White Genocide?
#34  Sun Sep 1 14:52:03 PDT 2019
@33 No, honestly I don't give a shit about the West. It's going to fail either way. I want to escape from it's stupidity. Personally I'd rather breed my genes with a nice Asian woman. Fuck the white race it's not going to get better.
#35  Sun Sep 1 19:12:35 PDT 2019

Commited suicide after zoe quinn and co. accused him of sexual assault.
#36  Mon Sep 2 07:54:14 PDT 2019
The entire gaming "culture" and "community" disgusts me.
The whole corrupt, inept industry locked in an endless race to the bottom.
All these "journalists" and "developers" who produce nothing of value but spend their days trying to invent and win new shit flinging contests.
And the gamers who slurp it all up and ask for more. Those hecklers who try to use every single piece of news, every single word for cheap drama fuel in their respective holy wars. It's ugly.
It's like witnessing hobos fighting over a cigarette. They're people for fuck's sake, but they refuse to act like it.
They flushed all their decency and dignity down the toilet... for what?

Quality of games is abysmal today but instead of doing something about it all those involved are busy engaging in shallow, vicious battles, 280 characters at a time.
#37  Tue Sep 3 00:09:53 PDT 2019
I just wake up dreaming of pissing. The funny part was that I was gaining consciousness while "pissing", and the feeling was pretty convincing. Luckily I did not actually piss myself, but I hate this
#38  Tue Sep 3 05:17:45 PDT 2019
@37 Careful, my uncle pissed himself that way once.
#39  Tue Sep 3 08:33:50 PDT 2019
The imageboard always has some eerie pics. It's like a haunted house.
#40  Wed Sep 4 02:06:16 PDT 2019
Being a Generation Z kid and not being into the Instagram lifestyle is not a good experience.
#41  Wed Sep 4 03:26:12 PDT 2019
@40 I don't know anything about modern life, didn't realize it's that hard. Sorry about your situation. I know what it's like to be an alienated kid, no one should have to ever experience it.
I know it's meaningless but I wish you best. I hope you'll find your own path and meet good people along the way. I hope you'll be given the support you need and deserve.

Being a hopeless "millenial" with no future and being despised both by the previous and the next generations is a horrible thing too.
I had no positive experiences growing up, no youth to speak of. I can't get over it and it haunts me every day.
I feel incomplete, lonely, cripplingly unfulfilled and unhappy.

I was told to learn to "deal with it" but I just can't.
I spent my whole life quietly suffering behind a stoic mask, that's what society expected me to do. Every time I tried to be the real me and seek a genuine connection to others I'd be shunned, even punished for stepping out of line.
Everyone was always busy with their own problems and they treated my calls for help as assault against their own difficult lives.
I know the rules, I accepted them for a long time and tried my best to kill myself inside, and live like I'm expected to but I can't take it anymore.
I never got used to the pain. The longer it goes on the more it hurts.
I'm broken and I can't pick up the pieces myself. I need someone but no one wants to even know such a person, let alone dedicate their valuable time and heart to really help someone like me become alive.

I really hate the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." In many contexts it's just wrong.
Things like training and conditioning might make you strong despite being unpleasant but only if they're conducted safely in a proper manner.
Experiencing true accidents and trauma often makes one weaker. If it doesn't maim and cripple it might reward survival with fear, doubts and chronic pain.
I lived through hardship both in physical and mental sense, and none of it made me any stronger.

I'm shattered. I'm old. All is lost. I can't live and I can't even kill myself.
#42  Sun Sep 8 20:35:50 PDT 2019
I have a headache and my left nostril is runny.
#43  Mon Sep 9 06:01:32 PDT 2019
#44  Mon Sep 9 06:30:13 PDT 2019
@41 (not @40 but...)
That sucks. I have friends who would (and have already) listen to me talking about how shitty I feel sometimes but I think if I do spill out all my emotion I'll just bore them eventually, and it won't fix anything, just alleviate my weight temporarily.
>Every time I tried to be the real me and seek a genuine connection to others I'd be shunned, even punished for stepping out of line.
>Everyone was always busy with their own problems and they treated my calls for help as assault against their own difficult lives.
Something's wrong here, that sounds like very cold treatment towards you. Maybe you weren't close enough to them before opening up yourself? It's just strange, if they cared for you they'd listen (unless you brought this up too often but it doesn't seem the case), or they have a very different mentality from mine and my friend's. Maybe they were in a very difficult point in their lives themselves, but everyone?
And you don't sound too whiny and self-pitying
Regarding your childhood, well you can't can't change it. You have to find a way to accept it, maybe a therapist could help you with that
>I feel incomplete, lonely, cripplingly unfulfilled and unhappy
I'm pretty sure that's how I'm gonna end up
Anyway if you ever wanna talk, about anything, mail me here: anon394721 at
can't guarantee a quick reply, but hopefully I'll answer
#45  Wed Sep 11 05:00:04 PDT 2019
Thinking about either drawing or doing some edits today.
#46  Sun Sep 15 20:09:37 PDT 2019
Over time you get used to enjoying the silence, all the pizza you eat you will eat alone and with no one to share, the days seem longer and always the same, as in a loop, and the world goes round in circles within your brain, while hope is gone every birthday, is destiny, so whatever
#47  Tue Sep 17 18:02:30 PDT 2019
I'm always quiet in school so most people assume that I'm smart but in reality I'm just average.
#48  Thu Sep 19 05:22:33 PDT 2019
@47 I knew a guy who was always quiet so I assumed he was clever. He wasn't
#49  Thu Sep 19 11:43:47 PDT 2019
I'm too insecure about my looks. If an average or pretty girl looks at me I just look down on the ground.
#50  Thu Sep 19 11:47:20 PDT 2019
I'm just sitting here listening to some video game soundtracks.
#51  Thu Sep 19 15:50:24 PDT 2019
@49 If they look at you (and don't run in the opposite direction) it can't be that bad, eh?

Now for some shitty unsolicited suggestions: maybe you could start trying to briefly maintain the eye contact when it happens next time? I don't mean you should stare or anything, just try to look back at them cordially, as an exercise.
I know it's going to be hard at first, but I think you'll gradually get used to it. Maybe someone will smile at you. It's not like that's a huge thing, but I imagine it could be reassuring. Sometimes a small friendly gesture like that can help a lot.
And if you learn to casually look at people and especially girls without feeling bad about yourself, that's one barrier down, right?

But who am I to talk, I couldn't look anyone in the eye if my life depended on it.
People generally don't look at me and I try to completely avoid looking at them, but sometimes if there's a pretty girl I can't help but glance.
I know I shouldn't because given how I look if I get caught they'd feel uncomfortable for sure, it's going to look like I'm a rapist or something. It makes me sad because I'm not and I don't mean anyone any harm, but it's understandable.
So I try to look down and just stay out of everyone's way whenever I'm outside.

If you can help it, don't stay in the place I'm in. Do your best and try to get out because it's not nice down here.
Good luck anon!
#52  Fri Sep 20 04:08:10 PDT 2019
I feel my depression and anxiety fading.
#53  Fri Sep 20 11:41:56 PDT 2019
My handwriting is disgraceful.
#54  Fri Sep 20 13:11:07 PDT 2019
Saw cute girl in the cafeteria today. A rarity.
#55  Mon Sep 23 19:53:49 PDT 2019
My depression and anxiety has come back full force.
#56  Tue Sep 24 20:37:42 PDT 2019
yes yes yes
#57  Tue Sep 24 20:52:40 PDT 2019
I'm going to go for a night walk.
#58  Wed Sep 25 20:02:41 PDT 2019
it's going to rain over the weekend where I live, I'm looking forward to it.
#59  Thu Sep 26 01:46:12 PDT 2019
I'm very gassy tonight.
#60  Thu Sep 26 11:31:10 PDT 2019
Ate a cheese pizza today.
#61  Fri Sep 27 03:31:15 PDT 2019
#62  Fri Sep 27 14:20:16 PDT 2019
#63  Sun Sep 29 21:57:52 PDT 2019
I wish my friend, *, is currently at school across the country. I wish they were here with me right now so I could give them a big hug and kiss.
#64  Sun Sep 29 21:58:24 PDT 2019
@63 Whoops, scratch that first "I wish"
#65  Sun Sep 29 21:58:58 PDT 2019
My feet are cold because my mom blasts the AC every night to fall asleep.
#66  Mon Sep 30 05:17:23 PDT 2019
Be thankful she's not blasting AC/DC.
Get it? It's funny because he was talking about air conditioning but it made me think of that other thing and...


Just kill me already.
#67  Mon Sep 30 10:33:53 PDT 2019
Got some blood taken today.
#68  Tue Oct 1 19:42:30 PDT 2019
Lucida Font looks very nice.
#69  Thu Oct 3 06:42:50 PDT 2019
This guy has walked into the breakroom, put a corndog in the toaster oven, and set the timer to half an hour, then walked out. It's already starting to char and he won't be back to get it before it burns. This happens three mornings or so a week; some people never learn.
#70  Fri Oct 4 08:49:24 PDT 2019
Was called to go back to the clinic over the results of my bloodwork.
#71  Sun Oct 6 10:39:29 PDT 2019
Drinking some coffee and listening to some '80s music.
#72  Mon Oct 7 20:28:33 PDT 2019
@69 How did he react when he came back for the corndog?
#73  Mon Oct 7 22:03:46 PDT 2019
I have the urge to masturbate.
#74  Tue Oct 8 06:31:33 PDT 2019
@72 indignant
#75  Tue Oct 8 15:41:39 PDT 2019
Anon #44 never responded... Sadface.
#76  Tue Oct 8 18:00:17 PDT 2019
@75 That sucks.
#77  Wed Oct 9 15:54:39 PDT 2019
Got even more bloodwork today. I think something is seriously wrong with me. I'm worried.
#78  Thu Oct 10 04:54:21 PDT 2019
@75 @76 I'm sorry. I replied now.
I will check the email more often from now on
#79  Fri Oct 11 15:38:19 PDT 2019
that's not good
#80  Fri Oct 11 15:40:36 PDT 2019
i keep on pushing things off until the last minute.
#81  Fri Oct 11 18:09:41 PDT 2019
I can't think of anything interesting to say.
#82  Fri Oct 11 21:31:16 PDT 2019
Listening to music that was posted on the imageboard.
#83  Sat Oct 12 16:15:34 PDT 2019
People that drag their feet when walking are invariably the worst sort.
#84  Sat Oct 12 19:39:29 PDT 2019
I would like to live on my own. It feels weird living with your family late into your twenties; it makes me feel like I'm still a child. When relatives or my siblings friends come visit I always feel out of place when I'm not in my bedroom. It's not a good way to live.
#85  Thu Oct 17 19:39:32 PDT 2019
My laptop battery is almost dead, but I'm too lazy to plug it in, and I'm also too lazy to get out of bed and walk over to my desktop which is three feet away
#86  Sun Oct 27 14:08:30 PDT 2019
When I speak I don't have any problem with how my voice sounds but when I listen to my voice from a recording it makes me cringe. Maybe the reason why it sounds like that could be that I've only used crappy microphone so far to record my voice. I don't know but I hate listening to my recorded voice.
#87  Sun Oct 27 15:14:49 PDT 2019
I've been listening to vocaloid music almost exclusively for a month now and I keep thinking it might be a good idea to take a break before I get burnt out but it's just too much fun.
#88  Tue Oct 29 02:21:36 PDT 2019
@86 Same. But I think (at least in my case) that it's the microphone that's being too honest
#89  Sun Nov 3 08:47:58 PST 2019
You only need 2,073,600 cats to transfer a 1080p image to another dimension.
#90  Wed Nov 6 16:43:10 PST 2019
I feel like an empty shell.
#91  Fri Nov 8 15:14:27 PST 2019
Looking at my reflection on the mirror makes me depressed.
#92  Fri Nov 8 18:54:02 PST 2019
When brewed, hojicha ends up looking like something you'd find in a gutter after a storm.
#93  Sat Nov 9 13:31:26 PST 2019
I don't have a large vocabulary so I tend to sound like a retard but I'm not believe me. It's a result of being a isolated NEET for many years. I try but I am not motivated to do much other than the minimum to pass through.
#94  Sat Nov 9 16:15:08 PST 2019
@93 same.
#95  Mon Nov 11 11:08:40 PST 2019
I only kill spiders when they come very close to me and surprise me. If they are hanging out in the open and I can see them then I will catch and release them outside. I prefer the catch and release over the killing.
#96  Mon Nov 11 11:38:08 PST 2019
@95 You are a gentle person.
#97  Wed Nov 13 15:06:38 PST 2019
I don't feel motivated to do anything other than quick brain dopamine rush activities like video games or masturbating. My brain is fucked up big time.
#98  Wed Nov 13 20:03:12 PST 2019
looks like infp artsy fartsy hipster girls. a dash of style, a touch of melancholy.
#99  Thu Nov 14 16:55:48 PST 2019
I prefer cheese pizza
#100  Thu Nov 14 17:28:04 PST 2019
#101  Thu Nov 14 17:28:37 PST 2019
test post 2
#102  Thu Nov 14 20:33:22 PST 2019
@99 haha pedo
#103  Fri Nov 15 00:59:06 PST 2019
@99 Super lame!
#104  Sat Nov 16 18:35:13 PST 2019
I've been riding my bicycle in the early morning. It's a good way to beat off the depression for a while. When I stay and surf the internet I become depressed. I tend to overthink many things like my life. It always ends up with me hating myself for being a failure.
#105  Sun Nov 17 11:14:54 PST 2019
I am thinking about steering my life in another direction. I am still young and up until now I've been on the technical-engineering side of real life. I can't tell, but it doesn't really feel right. I mean, I enjoy it and like programming and all, but I also really enjoy creative and art stuff, also, that direction simply looks easier. If modern art wasn't such a cestpool I would probably switch to it.
#106  Mon Nov 18 07:02:14 PST 2019
I'm sitting here listening to Russian music and trying not to shit myself drinking some almond milk.
#107  Mon Nov 18 11:00:04 PST 2019
Im sitting in the school cafeteria waiting for the cheese pizza to finish cooking. The kitchen staff said it will take 7 minutes. It is very lonely even though the cafeteria is filled with people chattering. I think that I look awkward and I want to find a quiet place to eat alone.
#108  Wed Nov 20 08:55:44 PST 2019
I just finished my morning coffee and thinking about finding something online to masturbate to. Then I'll probably just find some shit to watch for the rest of the afternoon and early evening until dinner is made.

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