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Post the best music you know
#0   Mon Aug 19 15:52:42 PDT 2019
Bonus points if it's not too famous (It's too easy to post miles davis you know)
#1   Tue Aug 20 23:25:10 PDT 2019
#2   Wed Aug 21 15:07:34 PDT 2019
@1 I was not ready for that.
#3   Wed Aug 21 17:20:56 PDT 2019
@1 @2 I don't get it.
#4   Thu Aug 22 05:34:21 PDT 2019
@3 You clearly missed out on a great time period. It was very fun figuring out if you should go with the right shoulder or the left. Mmmhmm.
#5  Sun Oct 13 08:37:51 PDT 2019
I wouldn't say that these are the best music but I didn't want to make a new general music thread so I may as well post them in this thread.

[url=|ことばのパズル もじぴったん大辞典 オリジナル・サウンドトラック (Soundtrack)]
#6  Sun Oct 13 08:39:39 PDT 2019
Oops you don't need the url= part how did I miss that

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