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#0   Wed Aug 14 23:33:59 PDT 2019
I often feel mediocre. I'm just another replaceable worker drone.
#1   Thu Aug 15 05:54:28 PDT 2019
Unironically, get inspired and do something great. It's not talent that allows you to do great things, it is perseverance. Talent only helps you achieve great things faster than mediocre people. But even most talented people waste their talents because they have no inspiration to do something great. Pick up some project and just pull it through, even if you have to spend years doing it.
#2   Fri Aug 16 00:12:42 PDT 2019
I need to really get out of my depression and learn to build motivation as well as taking time towards my interests and hobbies.
#3  Sat Sep 7 06:31:08 PDT 2019
I spent some time reading up biographies and most legends seem to be mediocre people with the only exception is that they keep doing their thing and not giving too much shit, but normally just have been caught up in time and place. What I've also observed is that they try to finish things in a short amount of time and take risks starting them. It almost looks like a numbers game where they don't really want to succeed but just to do their thing. Of course there are things done consciously for becoming great but I think that's when it's their thing to do that.

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