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#0   Sun Aug 11 10:04:56 PDT 2019
I get terribly anxious when I try to ride a car. I don't even have a car license at my age of 25. I think a motorcycle would be a better fit for me since one of my problems with cars is that they are too big for me to maneuver well. A small motorcycle like the Honda Grom or Monkey would be quite easy and nice to ride.

I often use my bicycle to commute to work when the weather isn't too bad which is mostly the case here in California. I think I can easily transition to a motorcycle. What do you guys think?
#1   Sun Aug 11 11:03:40 PDT 2019
Not having a license isn't the terrible thing some people make it out to be depending on where you live even if it's in the US. Motorcycles are a lot less safe than even a subcompact car though. Life is risk management. At least you get to wear a cool helmet? I'm envious, because I lack the eye-hand coordination for a motorcycle either way.
#2   Sun Aug 11 15:04:52 PDT 2019
I'm lucky that my workplace isn't located far away from my parent's house so I can just ride my bicycle there. Not having a driver's license can make your life more difficult in the US. Anyways, I won't be getting a motorcycle soon maybe next year I will try to get a motorcycle license.
#3   Sun Aug 11 22:49:17 PDT 2019
I'm 30, living in rural Eastern USA, and I don't have my license. Life is very hard for me and impossible currently for me to have a normal life or even able to really have a job. I absolutely hate it because I have zero interest in driving a car due to my extreme anxiety. I also have poor eye-hand coordination as well as having difficulties multitasking to keep everything in check with the vehicle as I drive.

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