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Is there anyone else here in their 30s?
#0   Sat Aug 10 00:50:51 PDT 2019
Just wondering roughly what the age groups are that's coming here.
#1   Sat Aug 10 15:19:04 PDT 2019
#2   Sun Aug 11 11:04:56 PDT 2019
#3   Sun Aug 11 16:32:07 PDT 2019
#4   Sun Aug 11 22:49:53 PDT 2019
I guess I'm going to end up being the weird old guy in the community here.
#5   Mon Aug 12 03:33:18 PDT 2019
#6   Mon Aug 12 09:23:50 PDT 2019
I'm 30 and seeing younger people is immensely depressing for me. Youth is something I never really had and knowing that the chance to experience it is long gone hurts so much.
#7   Mon Aug 12 12:19:41 PDT 2019
@6 It is in the future of at least half of those gathered here to say what you just said.
#8   Thu Aug 15 05:50:51 PDT 2019
#9   Fri Aug 16 01:49:38 PDT 2019
@7 That only makes it feel worse. To be honest I made that post hoping someone would say something encouraging as if I still had a chance. I still dream of being saved.
#10   Sat Aug 17 02:24:51 PDT 2019
@6 @9
I'm pretty sure you can still do a lot of stuff at 30
But you won't, unless you do. Get that?
Basically DO IT JUST DO IT etc etc
#11  Sat Sep 7 06:24:10 PDT 2019
@6 @9
you can experience your youth at 90 if you want. I see a grandma sometimes and after years I've realized that she is the same person as she was as a 5 year old kid just with uglier skin. I've also realized that loving the members of the other sex is actually not loving them as a person but loving their bodies which is kind of lame, considering all the fuss. So I've decided that if you really want to, you can open your eyes and recognize that the same beings (souls) are there sitting inside these pods (bodies) regardless of the body's qualities. I sometimes do that. I look at the person and imagine the cognition inside, what it must see and feel, and unable to help the sex or body quality it was born into. I think the same goes for age.
#12  Sat Sep 7 11:29:38 PDT 2019
@11 It's not that easy. I value youth and physical beauty. I'm not interested in any of that new age spiritual stuff. Thanks for trying though.
#13  Mon Sep 16 06:58:53 PDT 2019
@12 it is true I haven't exactly experienced my youth yet either. (it may very well be that that particular hope might just wishful thinking). the pods stuff is "original perception" though, it is not from any book. (I think the core of it is just that I can put myself in the other person's shoe.) I don't know if that puts it in new light for you or if it has merit after all.

...... I envy young much less since that though. Something about it let me depressurize of how I've been thinking to have "missed" my youth, by seeing how focusing on the wrong thing had been blocking me all along to even have a chance at my own youth. I now feel that even if I could become younger it wouldn't have done me any good until hadn't I realized this. (I would just be repeating the same mistakes and getting the same results.) It makes it more moot a point to be sad about it and I feel better.
#14  Mon Sep 16 08:37:20 PDT 2019
@11 Would you mind sharing some of your experiences and longings about your youth? What would save your youth for you? And what about this places lets you to give it a try? (I'm wishing to learn what emotions do others experience.) I was trying to work this post out since you've wrote.
#15  Mon Sep 16 18:24:44 PDT 2019
>I can put myself in the other person's shoe
Well, so can I. Never had trouble seeing other's point of view, but it didn't help me.
#16  Wed Sep 18 10:30:04 PDT 2019
@16 I see... well, over 30 is not that bad... I met someone around 24 who didn't want to be with anyone under 50.
I met another person around 50 who was dating with 19-29 people exclusively.
#17  Thu Sep 19 06:42:05 PDT 2019
21, I'm not really living my youth either. It sucks. I hope I will finally fix things before 30.
#18  Fri Sep 20 11:54:15 PDT 2019
@17 what are your problems? I feel like I have overcome some, and if you could do it earlier that would give you more free time to enjoy it
#19  Sat Sep 21 03:55:45 PDT 2019
What have you overcome? Just curious and how did to overcome those problems?

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