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Imageboard updates
#0   Wed Jul 31 15:34:55 PDT 2019
I'm planning on adding MP4 and WEBM support to the imageboard. This will take me a couple of days or more to finish.
#1   Wed Jul 31 15:55:19 PDT 2019
It all depends on whether I procrastinate or work. I feeling like working right now so I could actually get it done today.
#2   Wed Jul 31 17:44:04 PDT 2019
It's done. MP4 and WEBM are officially supported on the imageboard!
#3   Wed Jul 31 20:35:04 PDT 2019
Thank you, time to go check out what's been posted so far and share something.
#4   Sat Aug 10 19:24:01 PDT 2019
Small update
#5   Sun Aug 11 11:04:27 PDT 2019
@4 Fucking normalfags!
#6   Sun Aug 11 22:45:28 PDT 2019
@5 kek
#7   Tue Aug 13 20:40:45 PDT 2019
I might add MP3 and OGG audio support. With these type of files I will have to keep the original file name. The original file name might help listeners identify the song name if it was a song.
#8   Thu Aug 15 11:01:32 PDT 2019
MP3 and OGG are now supported on the imageboard! The original file name will appear when you hover over the controls.
#9   Fri Aug 16 00:13:55 PDT 2019
Cool addition, thank you.

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