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Imageboard updates
#0   Wed Jul 31 15:34:55 PDT 2019
I'm planning on adding MP4 and WEBM support to the imageboard. This will take me a couple of days or more to finish.
#1   Wed Jul 31 15:55:19 PDT 2019
It all depends on whether I procrastinate or work. I feeling like working right now so I could actually get it done today.
#2   Wed Jul 31 17:44:04 PDT 2019
It's done. MP4 and WEBM are officially supported on the imageboard!
#3   Wed Jul 31 20:35:04 PDT 2019
Thank you, time to go check out what's been posted so far and share something.
#4   Sat Aug 10 19:24:01 PDT 2019
Small update
#5   Sun Aug 11 11:04:27 PDT 2019
@4 Fucking normalfags!
#6   Sun Aug 11 22:45:28 PDT 2019
@5 kek
#7   Tue Aug 13 20:40:45 PDT 2019
I might add MP3 and OGG audio support. With these type of files I will have to keep the original file name. The original file name might help listeners identify the song name if it was a song.
#8   Thu Aug 15 11:01:32 PDT 2019
MP3 and OGG are now supported on the imageboard! The original file name will appear when you hover over the controls.
#9   Fri Aug 16 00:13:55 PDT 2019
Cool addition, thank you.
#10   Sat Aug 24 09:51:24 PDT 2019
I want GIF files to be animated so I made some changes. If the size of the GIF file is less than 400kB then the GIF file will be kept as it is. There will be no new thumbnail image created for the GIF file instead the original file will be the thumbnail.
#11  Fri Oct 11 22:03:18 PDT 2019
I made some changes to the imageboard
  • The file name for audio files will now be displayed on top of the player.
  • I lowered the previous change to GIF files from 400 to 150.
#12  Sat Oct 12 20:10:27 PDT 2019
Thank you.
I was having problems with Russian and Japanese titles and now I can copy and paste them whenever I save them.

**Bold**    %%Italic%%    \\Monospace\\
__underline__    &&serif font&&

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