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Post the best music you know
Thread: 16.html   Mon Aug 19 15:52:42 PDT 2019   Replies: 3
Bonus points if it's not too famous (It's too easy to post miles davis you know)
Where's everyone at?
Thread: 3.html   Sat Aug 3 16:06:19 PDT 2019   Replies: 25
This place seemed a bit more active like a week or so ago.
YouTube Videos Thread
Thread: 14.html   Fri Aug 16 00:19:11 PDT 2019   Replies: 6
Cassini: A journey to Saturn - Full Space Science Documentary
Interesting article
Thread: 15.html   Sun Aug 18 15:10:29 PDT 2019   Replies: 1
Is there anyone else here in their 30s?
Thread: 10.html   Sat Aug 10 00:50:51 PDT 2019   Replies: 10
Just wondering roughly what the age groups are that's coming here.
About the Archive
Thread: 6.html   Tue Aug 6 08:29:31 PDT 2019   Replies: 4
After doing some more thinking on it I'm not completely sure if I should make an archive. Pruning threads automatically seems to keep in line with the general philosophy of most anonymous discussion board. Instead of archiving threads I could just increase the active thread limit from 15 to 20.
Tube TV thread
Thread: 13.html   Thu Aug 15 02:36:20 PDT 2019   Replies: 4
*Pushes button* Vrooommm

Old tube style TVs are one of these things which are simply awesome. They are big, bulky, magical boxes and can probably kill you in several different ways if you mistreat them.

I recently took the smaller CRT TV down from the attic and sat it up in my room. There isn't much which is more comfortable than sinking down in front of it, equipped with a big can of tea, while it is cold or raining (or both) outside. Just zoning out, forgetting that anything else exists, it is just you and the humming black box in this universe.
Imageboard updates
Thread: 1.html   Wed Jul 31 15:34:55 PDT 2019   Replies: 9
I'm planning on adding MP4 and WEBM support to the imageboard. This will take me a couple of days or more to finish.
What is the thread below all about?
Thread: 5.html   Tue Aug 6 05:17:09 PDT 2019   Replies: 4
It scares me.
Thread: 12.html   Wed Aug 14 23:33:59 PDT 2019   Replies: 2
I often feel mediocre. I'm just another replaceable worker drone.
Is it over...
Thread: 8.html   Wed Aug 7 18:53:17 PDT 2019   Replies: 8
if you cut your own hair? lmao I look like an autistic retard. holy shit man my life is so stupid
Does anyone else here suffer from insomnia?
Thread: 2.html   Fri Aug 2 03:27:19 PDT 2019   Replies: 17
I'm literally at a point where I can only manage to get around 4-5 hours of sleep and then stay up for 28-30 hours at a time.
Thread: 11.html   Sun Aug 11 10:04:56 PDT 2019   Replies: 3
I get terribly anxious when I try to ride a car. I don't even have a car license at my age of 25. I think a motorcycle would be a better fit for me since one of my problems with cars is that they are too big for me to maneuver well. A small motorcycle like the Honda Grom or Monkey would be quite easy and nice to ride.

I often use my bicycle to commute to work when the weather isn't too bad which is mostly the case here in California. I think I can easily transition to a motorcycle. What do you guys think?
Who wants to go on an internet adventure?
Thread: 7.html   Tue Aug 6 18:45:04 PDT 2019   Replies: 14
Ever been here before? This website has some very strange content with videos and music. I remember coming across this content back in 2006 through a YouTube video called "Mormon Baits" along with other "Goat Worship" videos. It definitely has some weird elements. If you're interested in strange horror, strange humor, and ARGs. You might enjoy this place.
Was there an update to the favicon?
Thread: 9.html   Wed Aug 7 23:17:57 PDT 2019   Replies: 2
Mine's just a gray square now.
No Title Specified.
Thread: 4.html   Tue Aug 6 04:23:25 PDT 2019   Replies: 0
Textboard update
Thread: 0.html   Wed Jul 31 14:57:49 PDT 2019   Replies: 0
I had to clear away the threads sorry about that.
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