On average how many users come here?
#0 Thu Feb 13 02:33:12 PST 2020
I'm very curious just how many of us there are.
#1 Thu Feb 13 16:41:42 PST 2020
Not many. I would have to look through the access log to get a number but I don't feel like doing it.
#2 Thu Feb 13 18:25:50 PST 2020
i wouldn't be surprised if there was less than 10 active posters
#3 Fri Feb 14 07:06:52 PST 2020
I check it maybe once a day. +1 I guess.
#4 Fri Feb 14 07:08:35 PST 2020
Also, are you still advertising this website on any other boards?
#5 Fri Feb 14 14:20:27 PST 2020
I haven't advertised yet. The thought of going to other people's website and advertising my website makes me anxious. I might post a link on afternoon.dynu.com and other small communities like that in the future.
#6 Sat Feb 15 01:41:20 PST 2020
I wonder how many of us have come from those other smaller communities though? I also get on afternoon.dynu.com. Matter of fact I usually always get on there right before or after I come here.
#7 Sat Feb 15 04:43:43 PST 2020
At least a lot of small boards have threads fpr sharing other sites, so you shouldn't feel to anxious about it.
#8 Sun Feb 16 10:29:21 PST 2020
Hello. Someone linked this place on a Tor imageboard and that's how I came here.
#9 Sun Feb 16 11:36:26 PST 2020
Few, still too many normalcunts.
#10 Sun Feb 16 12:15:14 PST 2020
Cunt you're the only zwykły here because you can just go back to reddit and find hundreds of thousands just like you. you colossal faggot
#11 Sun Feb 16 20:18:28 PST 2020
You do that and stop shitting up the place, normalfag.
#12 Sun Feb 16 20:53:46 PST 2020
>life fucking sucks guys

here have the final word i know you need it since its the only way to make you feel good about anything in your life, go on prove me right, or stop shitting up the place its a win win for me pussy.

On the topic on the thread there seems to be a new post pretty much everyday which is more than most small boards can say.
#13 Mon Feb 17 09:15:04 PST 2020
I was one of the first users here.
#14 Mon Feb 17 12:03:08 PST 2020
We seem to have:
An edgy anhero guy, a stay at home loser, a guy who baits these two, i saw some posts that suspiciously look like they were written by a woman(?), a guy who claps to himself and snaps his fingers, some guy that really wants weed to be legal, me, beey-sama and some random people post once in awhile

Frankly i kinda love the dynamics of this website.
#15 Mon Feb 17 17:59:50 PST 2020
Hey, I post more than once in a while but I didn't make in on the list as a anything other than an extra. Is my character too flimsy and undefined?
#16 Thu Feb 27 21:31:12 PST 2020
#17 Sat Feb 29 06:12:30 PST 2020
I don't know feels like around 20-30 though, maybe 4-8 regulars.
#18 Fri Apr 3 06:41:16 PDT 2020
Are you still promoting the site?
#19 Fri Apr 3 14:16:33 PDT 2020
No, I've been spending most of my time playing video games. I'll advertise on afternoon.dynu.com sometimes this month.
#20 Wed May 6 06:31:50 PDT 2020
this web site its extremely active for the number of users
#21 Wed May 6 20:38:50 PDT 2020
It's probably just a few people and a couple of people with multiple personas.
#22 Thu May 7 03:20:48 PDT 2020
Either way 1 post a day for 4-8 regulars is way more than many underground boards.
#23 Fri May 8 02:51:35 PDT 2020
That’s why I still check this place.