I just had to put some cream on my balls.
#0 Sat Feb 8 23:11:27 PST 2020
I had sex earlier, me and my partner both climaxed at the same time. She was really wet and now I'm having this really bad itching problem all over my balls. I typically get this when she's really wet every time. I've been tested for STDs and I don't have any. But I keep having to put this cream that I got back when I was having some fungal issues going on down there. But this literally only happens after we have sex and she's really wet and we climax at the same time like this. I don't know what really is going on.
#1 Sun Feb 9 06:33:18 PST 2020
fungal issues wash your balls wtf man
#2 Sun Feb 9 12:06:34 PST 2020
I plan on soaking in the tub here in a little bit after I wake up, drink some coffee, and have a small bite to eat. Then I'll get a shower and be all clean. OwO
#3 Sun Feb 9 18:13:38 PST 2020
Serves you right normie. Know that I enjoy your suffering.
#4 Tue Feb 11 16:12:00 PST 2020
send pic with timestamp or gtfo
#5 Tue Feb 11 17:29:08 PST 2020
This whole time, I had misread the thread title and thought it said sour cream. Either way, I agree with >>3 this thread should be a bannable offense.

Why would you want pics of OP's balls? That's gaaaay.
#6 Wed Feb 12 09:46:57 PST 2020
That's pretty gay
#7 Thu Feb 13 02:31:17 PST 2020
Maybe if you want to pay for me for them?
#8 Sat Feb 29 06:13:25 PST 2020
I need some cream.