no friends on internet
#0 Sun May 17 20:55:06 PDT 2020
i think people just don't like me.
#1 Mon May 18 11:59:57 PDT 2020
have you ever thought that your actions might be the thing driving people away?
#2 Tue May 19 05:31:18 PDT 2020
@0 I think you just haven't met the right people.
#3 Tue May 19 14:37:14 PDT 2020
you either change for people or wait for people to change for you

only one of these in in your control
#4 Tue May 19 15:36:33 PDT 2020
Yeah I know how it feels, in my case it's because I was too shy to talk to mutuals or post in the group chats so I lurked most of the time. Now I deleted my socials so it's whatever.
#5 Wed Jun 10 14:31:28 PDT 2020
Do you actually want groidal notifications? I think if you search deep down you'll know the truth.