How does one get fit?
#0 Fri Apr 24 12:42:51 PDT 2020
Been working out for a while and still kinda look like a stick.
#1 Fri Apr 24 21:49:06 PDT 2020
I have two 15lb dumbbells and a doorway pull-up bar. I would highly recommend the pull-up bar if you don't have one. I use the dumbbells for bicep curls, squats, and sit-ups. My morning workout routine is: pushups, situps, and chin-up/pull-up. My nighttime workout routine is the same as the morning, but I also do some squats. So far I'm seeing some good results. I don't know what to say to you since you didn't provide much information about your workout routine. I'm a neet btw.
#2 Fri Apr 24 21:52:32 PDT 2020
I forgot to include the bicep curls. I do them in the morning and night.
#3 Sat Apr 25 18:52:15 PDT 2020
I do push ups, inclined push ups, bicep curls, inverted sit ups, bicep curls and bench press sometimes, i see results too but being skinny fit its less noticiable compared to big and bulky unless you take your shirt off, i was thinking of bulking up but not sure if i have to increase my eating or the amount of exercise.
#4 Sat Apr 25 19:49:06 PDT 2020
How did you pay for that equipment if you're a neet?
#5 Sat Apr 25 20:17:53 PDT 2020
>How did you pay for that equipment if you're a neet?

I used to be a wageslave, so I have some savings.

Well, I'm not aiming for a bulky, gym rat tier look. I just want to look somewhat masculine while still having a slim body if that makes any sense.
#6 Sun Apr 26 05:57:07 PDT 2020
You really are going to have to track your eating. Find your TDEE and add 500 calories as a baseline, then record everything you eat and make sure you eat enough. Read about macros so you get a rough understanding of what each is and so you can set targets for them. Don't try bulk and cut cycles, especially if you're skelly now.