#0 Fri Apr 10 00:34:47 PDT 2020
Do you care a lot about your looks?

I remember when I was a child and my mom bought me an ugly hat and I refused to wear it because I looked ugly with it. That was the earliest memory that I have where I worried about my looks. It's been a up and down kind of experience over the years. There were phases in my life where I pretended to not care but I was only hurting myself. Deep down I knew that I was ugly and during those years I couldn't really do much since I was a lazy, weak, and autistic boy. Only after I reached my 20s did I really start to look deeply into my looks and how I can change it.

It's still a work in progress but my plan is basically to save up some money so that I can clean up my looks. Acne scars being the biggest issue for me. I'm also working out as well to get some muscle on my scrawny body. Changing habits can be hard and I've noticed that only shame can bring about a monumental change in a person's habit. If you are more sensitive to shame then obviously you will feel a strong urgency to change your habits.
#1 Fri Apr 10 17:36:03 PDT 2020
Ive always been told i am very handsome but i never bothered with it until my late teens when you actually need more than good looks to get chicks
#2 Sun Apr 12 20:51:16 PDT 2020
Looks don't matter for men. I am an ugly (average at most) man and I have no issues with dating.
#3 Mon Apr 13 22:35:43 PDT 2020
Looks don't matter for men.

Why would you say such a lie like that? Looks are extremely important. Having good looks will unlock a normal, enjoyable, and happy life. Self-esteem is the most important thing in my opinion and the best way to improve your self-esteem is to have good looks. When your self-esteem is high then everything else just falls into its correct place. Confidence, friends, social skills, sex, happiness, etc. will all come without much effort on your part. The ugly person has to struggle immensely to compensate for his ugly looks. He has to work and study hard to get a good paying job so that his sexual value will increase to a certain level in order to be attractive to females. It's foolish to keep spreading the lie that looks don't matter because it does.
#4 Tue Apr 14 11:10:44 PDT 2020
your quote is a lie because i've never said that in my original comment.

What i said its that good looks will only get you so far, yes you will get laid more easily and while getting laid frequently might appeal to "ugly" people but its very shallow and unproductive, think the feeling you get after jerking off to weird porn.


yes people do generally want to be around you since it boosts themselves
>to social skills


correct but as i said the more you do it the less valuable it gets

wrong, if you think that you can correct your autism by being beautiful better give up the hopes and pull the trigger right now, your self-esteem will plummet the moment people start expecting you to act accordingly to your looks and you start talking about how you spent the last night watching anime until the morning.

Yes good looks do matter as it does money, nobody cares if you're beautiful but homeless(except sluts but as i stated sex is a cheap commodity), ugly guys get with ugly chicks all the time, granted if they could they would get with super models as would the chicks but they realize that there is more to a relationship than being with someone attractive. otherwise you just date a prostitute, they'll fuck anyone.

Also going to the gym and getting buffed will put roughly at the same level than someone with good looks that doesn't workout, yes you will lose to a good looking person that is also ripped but you just can't win them all.
#5 Tue Apr 14 12:09:15 PDT 2020
Are you retarded? I quoted post number 2 and if you look at it you can see that what I quoted is there in the original post. If you didn't submit post number 2 then why are you even talking to me?

nobody cares if you're beautiful but homeless

That's the dumbest thing that I've read today.

What I'm trying to say in my previous post is this: good looks increases your self-esteem and a high self-esteem will make you confident, happy, and outgoing. There are other ways to increase your self-esteem, but, in my opinion, only good looks will increase it to a very high level. Once you have good looks then everything else will come naturally to you so long as you don't have physical or mental impairments.
#6 Tue Apr 14 15:30:22 PDT 2020

good looks increases your self-esteem

only good looks will increase it to a very high level

Do you have good looks and are speaking from experience or are those assumptions? because it is wrong.

And yes i was quite drunk and thought you quoted me
#7 Wed Apr 15 00:09:24 PDT 2020
It's a solid assumption drawn from my observation of people both ugly and attractive.
#8 Wed Apr 15 09:25:38 PDT 2020
then there are so many variables that you don't know about them that your observations is merely situational at best, observation means nothing without field testing, when you have no actual experience your opinion about something is basically invalid since you don't *really* know what you are talking about since every thing is based on armchair assumptions.

imagine you were to do a parachute jump and the instructor was like
>well i never actually done it but i observed people doing so...

the fact that this is an anonymous text board will leace
#9 Wed Apr 15 09:30:33 PDT 2020
sorry misclick

people in doubt about if you actually know what you're talking about or not however this is off topic from this thread and would probably be more in line with the neet thread(ironically the most popular one) we have here already.

In the original topic:

Working out will do wonders to make you more attractive to females, it will take around couple months for you to be somewhat attractive but no work no play(it could possibly take years if you are extremely obese)
#10 Wed Apr 15 10:04:52 PDT 2020
I'm a student. I see ugly and attractive people everday. Attractive people are far more confident, happy, and social than their ugly counterparts which means that their self-esteem is high. Ugly people tend to be shy, hesitant, and insecure indicating a low self esteem. Simple as that.
#11 Wed Apr 15 11:41:34 PDT 2020


Let me put in a different way, would you rather be an strong and attractive african male living on a war torn african country or would you rather be a ugly manlet white middle class male in the first world?

Who do you think leads a happier life?
#12 Wed Apr 15 12:20:32 PDT 2020
You don't need to taste shit to know that it's shit. I don't have to be attractive to know that attractive people, in general, are more confident and happier compared to ugly people.
#13 Wed Apr 15 14:30:36 PDT 2020
yes but then your opinion in an argument that if shit is tasty or not its completely useless and baseless unless you have experience with it.

in general

yes if you don't factor context in it, 2 people who were raised exactly the same and have had the same experiences on life and one of them its considered more aesthetically pleasing than the other than yes but of course that is not how the real world works.

i do not disagree that ugly people have it harder if they are in the same level, i am simply arguing that it is ludicrous to believe that you cannot make yourself more attractive and that looks are the only thing that counts
let me take you though another hypotethical.

A modern rapper, who is super skinny, a drug fiend and has scribbles tattoed on his face, can get much more female attention than a handsome amazon worker.

would you disagree with that?

And in the topic of self esteem, you are your only enemy, there are "shy" handsome people and there are "confident" ugly mofos and i think that is the base of the argument, whenever you have encountered them or not at your school its irrelevant because i believe most people would think it is a pretty bold claim to state that that is not the case.

Some who don't have it might think it will fix their lives and blame all of their problems on their uglyness as an excuse not to better themselves and pretend that the game is rigged(and to an extent it is) against them and that there is nothing they can do, however i do think its a pretty narrow view of the world to think that people are defined by their aesthetical pleasantness and nothing can be done to change that, and that it is a somewhat cowardly way of dealing with life, simple as that.
#14 Thu Apr 16 14:43:35 PDT 2020
The comparison you made is unfair. Compare an ugly african with an attractive african and an ugly white middle class male with an attractive white middle class male. That's how it works.
#15 Thu Apr 16 14:52:51 PDT 2020
A modern rapper, who is super skinny, a drug fiend and has scribbles tattoed on his face, can get much more female attention than a handsome amazon worker.

The order of things that determine human worth is this:

Of course the rich one gets more positive attention than the poor one.
pretend that the game is rigged
(and to an extent it is)
against them

people are defined by their aesthetical pleasantness

This is true. Ugliness is impurity and the sign of an obvious natural mistake, beauty means virtue and good, blessed genes.
#16 Thu Apr 16 19:53:20 PDT 2020


you work your money goes up you have it easier if your family is rich/if you are born in a alley in detroit for example chances are stacked against you
you take care of yourself(gym, general trimming, good sense of fashion) you looks go up, you have it easier if you are naturally beautiful/if you are deformed or has a really ugly face chances are stacked against you
your intelligence depends on your parents making you apply yourself to work(think asians) or you having a strong work ethic same with skills/if you are inbred or lazy chances are stacked against you
your personality is debatably the only one set in stone depending on your view of life philosophy i do however believe this should be changed to popularity in which it should be placed above intelligence/skills since those are the only ones that are not a factor in it(in some cases a negative factor even ironically intelligence/skills will give you the most money).

pretend that the game is rigged (and to an extent it is)
against them

My point never was that it isn't, it is what are you gonna do about it instead of complaining?

Ugliness is impurity and the sign of an obvious natural mistake

yes but what are ugly people to do? mass suicide? should we just start flamethrowing them? also there are other definitions of beauty like the neck ring people or people with bizzarre facial piercings maybe they don't fit yours but they demonstrably find partners.

beauty means virtue and good

I am not sure if i get what this means but. Richard Ramirez, Charles Schmid and Estibaliz Carranza are all people who are considered extremely attractive, they are also serial killers and those are extremes of unvirtuous(?) and not good people.

that is my point, life is unfair, what are you gonna do about it? cry? that will give a negative hit to your popularity score because it makes you look like a pussy.
#17 Fri Apr 17 12:04:07 PDT 2020
Most things are not related
to ugliness but ugly people are socialized differently and that's a breeding ground for mental illness and personality problems. It's still the person's fault, but if you look at what the cause is it's the fucking ugly face.
mass suicide? should we just start flamethrowing them?

Richard Ramirez, Charles Schmid and Estibaliz Carranza are all people who are considered extremely attractive

They're not. The press pushed this idea that they're "attractive" because serial killers were expected to be deformed ogres but since they were average, people were kind of surprised. But they're on the lower end of average.
When I said beauty means virtue I meant real beauty, because it's correlated to other good things (genetically). Have you noticed very beautiful people are also very intelligent and empathetic? Or that ugly people are either retarded or have average iq?
#18 Fri Apr 17 18:55:16 PDT 2020

Don't actually know how to answer that other than to make fun of you so i will refrain as that is not the point.

They're not.

Is this a fact or another one of your objective assumptions? most people would call them at least above average, the average person its actually not very attractive based on face only.
And as i stated there are different standards of beauty, a person in the appalachia mountains will have a very different ideal than someone in japan as an extreme example, maybe you're just into the uggos.

Have you noticed very beautiful people are also very intelligent and empathetic? Or that ugly people are either retarded or have average iq?

I thought that the stereotype went dumb attractive jock and smart but ugly nerd?
Is neil de grasse tyson the pinnacle of beauty? was einsten? christopher langan?.
Being retarded will make you ugly(75% chance give or take) but being ugly will most certainly not make you retarded, that is a ludicrous assumption with no base on reality.

As i side note, it feels the way you are telling me is that all of ugly people people are treated like they are the hunchback of notre dame which is quite funny, and even then, there are people into all kinds of weird shit.
#19 Sun Apr 19 17:25:33 PDT 2020
#20 Sun Apr 19 18:25:05 PDT 2020


>two options shave head and rock the bald look/take experimental drug with shitloads of bad side effects

>take drugs bad side effects happens

>has to deal with it

I mean there is only one person to blame here, he made a choice and now has to deal with the consequences. Yea it probably ruined his life, but he damn well knew what he was getting into, he could've just rocked the slav look.

I decide I would rather have nice skin and no hair, than hair and bad skin. Sadly I will soon have neither.

The thing with choices is that once you take action on it you have to deal with the consequences even if you realize you are wrong after it. Although i have no idea why he would choose as he did since the risk vs profit factor was pretty obvious.

Or am i to understand that being bald its so bad that it its better to bet your life on it?
#21 Sun Apr 19 18:47:48 PDT 2020
Damn my current skin condition is similar to his after he started taking the drug. My face has pitted acne scars and hyper-pigmentation spots. It's been stressing me out for years now. Slowly making some progress using over the counter skin care products but the damage seems to be largely permanent unless I go through some expensive cosmetic procedure. Yeah, that's why I'm saving some money.
#22 Sun Apr 19 23:27:19 PDT 2020
Or am i to understand that being bald its so bad that it its better to bet your life on it?

Yeah. Not many men can pull off the bald look. Hair is important. Look at Elon Musk and his hair transformation.
#23 Mon Apr 20 11:26:26 PDT 2020
Have you tried make up? If you are living on a more liberal state or country sometimes men can pull it off, i have a friend that used to have severe acne to the point his face looked raw, he let his beard grow and after 3 years or so he had it covered most of it, it will probably take a lot of time for a beard to grow with acne and it will look horrible during the process, but once it does its pretty worth it in the end.


Based on a japanese study about balding:

Czech Republic (42.79%) , Spain (42.60%), Germany (41.24%), France (39.24%), and the UK (39.23%), US(39.04%), Italy (39.01%), Poland (38.34%), Netherlands (37.93%),Canada(37.42%).

Those are just the top 10 the number its way higher but for sake of argument:

...finasteride is infrequently associated with problems of ejaculation (2.1-7.7%), erection (4.9-15.8%), and libido (3.1-5.4%)...

taking the more conservative estimates and using only the top 10 numbers with base on the 2018 world census about:

29,977,778 males would suffer from the mildest side effects.

to put into perspective that is more than the number of males and females living in north korea or australia, or the number of military casualties in ww1.

And thats taking only the top 10 , the most conservative numbers of the most common side effects.


you can shave your head. As most eastern europeans do even if they're not balding.
#24 Sat May 2 11:39:53 PDT 2020
I want to loook GOOD! I use my hatred to fuel my SELF-IMPROVEMENT! Don't ever STOP and RESIGN to a life of MEDIOCRITY. Unlock your body's full potential, don't let it go to waste. As far as I know you only have one life on this gay earth might as well make the most of it before check out.
#25 Sat May 9 13:36:48 PDT 2020
Reminder that this man has a gf
#26 Sat Jun 27 01:07:10 PDT 2020
The main problem is people trying to punch above their level without leveling up themselves.

If you're a doughy, pasty white neckbeard who watches anime and plays MMORPGs all the time and barely has any friends, you're not getting the fitness model social butterfly who's never home and is constantly meeting people. You have nothing in common with her and nothing to offer (and I don't mean money), why would she want to be with you?