Why Play Video Games?
#0 Sat Mar 7 19:16:05 PST 2020
When you can play the game of real life? A far more challenging game.
#1 Sat Mar 7 20:10:17 PST 2020
Video games are fantasies , while i do agree there is no point in playing a sports game while is sunny outside or playing something like the sims.
And yes , while technically you can real life GTA chances are you're gonna get clapped in 5 mins or less which is simply not fun, imagine if every time you get shot in GTA its a one hit kill,also gundams are not a thing yet so i can't just go outside and hyper bazooka a building.

But yes, ill go as far as saying that playing something like harvest moon is no different than playing farming simulator, which in that case, just make a small garden or something.
#2 Sat Mar 7 22:13:04 PST 2020
It's a good cope until you're old and the cold reality sets in. If you find yourself addicted to video games then you were probably already fucked in the brain to begin with.
I wish I had spent more of my time leveling up my real life character when I was still young. I think it would have made a big difference in my life.
#3 Sun Mar 8 06:33:33 PDT 2020
Life need checkpoints; messing up is far too consequential for me to take real risks. But regardless, I can't play games anymore even when I have weeks with nothing else to do. The repulsive current state of gaming aside, they don't seem worth the time investment somehow, even though I can still watch anime and kill time online (though my capacity is lower than it used to be and after a while I have to go do something else). I can't even imagine immersing myself in an RPG like Morrowind or KOTOR anymore. I have good memories of that time, though.

I didn't start playing games heavily til around high school but realize now that I wasted a lot of important developmental time and ended up really gimping my social abilities. And even though that article is about autists being drawn to games, I wonder what sort of effects they'll have on current kids' once they grow up. As soon as they can hold one, they're handed tablets loaded with ridiculously hyperactive games that can make Touhou on lunatic look reasonably paced, and I've even seen kids playing on one device while watching and listening to a show on another. Some of them act like actual drug addicts. Making that the norm from such an early age can't be a good thing.