Stuff you want
#0 Fri Feb 7 06:48:11 PST 2020
Post about things (material or immaterial) you want and then update with progress or lack thereof and ultimately whether or not you got them.

I want a motorcycle but even though entry-level bike costs are pretty reasonable, gear costs way more than I thought and I haven't even looked at lessons (self-learning is an option, too). I've sold some stocks my grandmother bought for me over a decade ago in order to fund this. If I get a tax return and can sell my crappy truck for at least $1000, then maybe I can make it happen by spring.
#1 Fri Feb 7 13:12:33 PST 2020
So much, but what's the point of posting if I'm never going to get any of it?
#2 Fri Feb 7 13:53:26 PST 2020
I want to move to another country. I'll never get what I want.
#3 Tue Feb 11 16:10:49 PST 2020
More space and a new beginning. Also I want to see one of those fabled ways out.
#4 Sat Feb 29 06:14:07 PST 2020
I want peace of mind.
#5 Sat Feb 29 10:39:52 PST 2020
I want to move to another (better) city.
#6 Sat Feb 29 17:24:21 PST 2020
#7 Sat Mar 7 09:21:37 PST 2020
And some Honeycomb cereal.