Weed needs to be legalized in the USA already!
#0 Thu Feb 6 21:47:21 PST 2020
It's probably the only thing that can save my life and my constitutional rights are being infringed on due to the fact I'm being denied my freedoms to smoke marijuana at a legal reasonable price. The current $20 a gram street prices in this illegal state when it's like $3-$5 a gram in legal states is a travesty to mankind and freedoms alike.
#1 Mon Feb 17 09:23:55 PST 2020
I would rather micro-dosing of LSD and only LSD be legalized.
#2 Mon Feb 17 23:22:42 PST 2020
Let's end the drug war completely. All drugs legal!
#3 Thu Feb 27 07:16:38 PST 2020
Sorry, that only works in a society not full of carefree middle classers who will just morph into addicts in no time.
#4 Sat Feb 29 05:08:14 PST 2020
At least give these potential addicts a fucking choice!
#5 Sat Mar 7 00:54:14 PST 2020
No, addicts can not be taxed
#6 Sat Mar 7 09:17:09 PST 2020
Imagine a libertarian Chicago.