Thoughts on the Georgia Guidestones?
#0 Sun Feb 2 07:13:23 PST 2020
Interested in knowing the thoughts here on the Georgia Guidestones.
#1 Sun Feb 2 10:29:13 PST 2020
A meaningless novelty item. Made by some Manson-type nazi-hippie most likely. Could have been a failed cult recruitment ad. This is what happens when you combine rednecks and psychedelic drugs.
#2 Sun Feb 2 12:58:57 PST 2020
yea pretty much, its either a failed cult or one of those da vinci codes that nobody solved(or bothered to)
#3 Sun Feb 2 21:15:31 PST 2020
So, both of you don't believe it's part of a larger "New World Order" or the elites doing?
#4 Mon Feb 3 18:40:05 PST 2020
i mean if it is its pretty gay, putting stones in the middle of nowhere doesn't really amount to anything