A more Libertarian life.
#0 Thu Jan 30 22:32:16 PST 2020
Would the world be better off if the majority of people adopted a more Libertarian approach in life? If we did away with federal governments and let local communities decide how they run their towns, etc?
#1 Fri Jan 31 00:55:03 PST 2020
What happens when a small communinty sells crack to yours? or one of them is made by rapists? or one of them likes to experiement bio weapons in humans?, autonomous city-states are the way to go but they need too be ultra flexible with their morals and opinion regarding cultural differences or they are just gonna band together under their own set of cultural rules and BAM! Government again. It is possible to have various mini governments made up by city-states but one of them is always gonna be super powerful. EVE online has its whole economy made by players for players, and they have giant governments claiming huge chunks of land, and thats just some nerds not high trained military and/or political figures.
#2 Fri Jan 31 17:58:40 PST 2020
Would the world be better off if more people were sociopaths?
#3 Sun Feb 2 13:55:49 PST 2020
@2 calm down