What should be done about the coronavirus?
#0 Mon Jan 27 23:27:30 PST 2020
What would be your take on figuring out the situation if you were part of the worlds goverment?
#1 Tue Jan 28 21:58:26 PST 2020
Flamethrower every infected person
#2 Tue Jan 28 23:08:38 PST 2020
I wish honestly that's exactly what they'd do in these cases. The world needs to stop being so gentle.
#3 Wed Jan 29 01:03:08 PST 2020
Isolate China, strict screenings at borders for the rest of the world. Maybe bans on non critical traffic out of infected countries if things get worse.

One epidemic can be a result of bad luck but the chingchongs just can't stop spreading plagues. They proved to be reckless and untrustworthy. They fucked up before and this time again, their response is a grim farce. They knew they were dealing with a dangerous new disease since early december but instead of organizing a proper quarantine they were busy preventing the news from getting out and jailing whistleblowers.
Now they're doing more pointless shit like trying to impress the clueless by building a field hospital in 10 days instead of repurposing existing objects like arenas, warehouses or schools. Other countries do that because it works and it can be done in hours, but China would rather waste time trying to look good instead of doing anything about the emergency at hand.
It's a nightmare land and the whole world is bending over for them because money. Shortsighted greedy idiots are giving more power to a country which tried to fight a virus with censorship.
#4 Wed Jan 29 01:06:15 PST 2020
Didn't the same thing happened with ebola a few years back? Big disease infects a bunch of people, spreads to the west, Everybody is panicking thinking is gonna end the world but in the end people barely remember it was a thing now.
#5 Sun Feb 2 16:35:37 PST 2020
It's different. Ebola only transmits through direct contact with fluids. It got popular with media and memers due to its spectacular symptoms, which also means it's easy to tell who's sick, easy to avoid and contain.

In the news, the build-hospital-fast project was completed in 9 days.
The new facility's declared capacity is 1000 patients.
Meanwhile the official daily situation update claims 2185 new cases confirmed just yesterday.
Also they seem to have an outbreak of H5N1. Ain't that a blast from the past. So far only reports of mass poultry culling though.
#6 Tue Feb 25 16:37:52 PST 2020
Looks like the Corona virus is getting out of hand.
#7 Wed Feb 26 21:22:05 PST 2020
For now ot only seems to be cleansing boomers and zoomers so it may actually end up benefitting society.
#8 Sat Feb 29 05:08:50 PST 2020
Coronachan is on our side boys.
#9 Sat Feb 29 17:17:30 PST 2020
Chinks are disgusting people.
#10 Sun Mar 1 05:20:02 PST 2020
Japanese people have been gutting Chinese immigrants in back alleys, is it time for the age of Samurai's to return?
#11 Wed Mar 4 04:38:14 PST 2020
I'm getting more nervous by the day. Will the vaccine be safe or will it be a red flag of death to take one? I'm scared guys.
#12 Thu Mar 5 06:05:02 PST 2020
How will they survive shogunate wars without births?
#13 Thu Mar 5 19:37:00 PST 2020
#14 Thu Mar 12 06:41:09 PDT 2020
Heh, no classes because of Corona Virus.

So, it seems that China is recovering according to their state media, but I have my doubts about that. Europe on the other hand is getting hammered, especially Italy.
#15 Thu Mar 12 10:28:00 PDT 2020
It would be awful if everything broke down and the mafia started liquidating Somalis.
#16 Thu Mar 12 21:41:36 PDT 2020
Apparently, China didn't even donate the masks and other items to Italy. Italy had to pay for it. Chinese propagandist lied to improve China's reputation.
#17 Tue Mar 17 10:44:27 PDT 2020
It's amusing how callous Western politicians will use the term "herd immunity" to cover for their investors.
#18 Wed Mar 25 23:43:21 PDT 2020
It's amazing to see americans on the internet blame Trump for the pandemic. They are some of the most idiotic people that I've ever seen. Ignore the fact that the virus came from China and just keep blaming the orange man for the current disaster. Trump calls it the Chinese Virus to counter China's propaganda suggesting that the US created the virus and all those people cry racism, ignoring the fact the China tried to blame the US for the viral outbreak. I'm reading all of this from Reddit so I'm not sure if that gives me an accurate view of the average american user, but it could be that many of the posts are China Bots working to change and control the narrative. Either way it is disturbing to see how overly sensitive they are about hurting the feelings of non-whites. They go through great length to willingly do damage control on behalf of the Chinese while blaming Trump for being racist because he wanted to stop China from whitewashing their image and changing the narrative.

If China receives nothing more than a slap on the wrist once all of this is over then I would be laughing my ass off.
#19 Fri Mar 27 00:45:48 PDT 2020
I'm reading all of this from Reddit

Nobody cares about your opinion or trump go back faggot

Now to the actual comment:
This may be tinfoil hat level but:
>hong kong protests raging

>China getting no support from the un or any sovereign nation.

>Matter of fact getting international reprimand

>corona virus appears in china(not close to hong kong to not raise suspicion)

>couple chinaman die

>big news on the corona, nobody cares about the protests anymore

>china starts lookin good getting hospitals and shit done ftl

>west panicking, meanwhile china get rid of the protesters

>china stabilizes and starts looking really good when they find the cure and save the west.

wouldn't be surprised if everybody forgets about the protests and all of the countries start to suck mr.pooh cock.

Tin foil Lv2:
since public opinion would destroy any political leader that wanted that china cheap slave labour in which they might've been involved in the corona so that they can trade with china without public adversity when they fix the situation.
#20 Fri Apr 10 00:09:43 PDT 2020
It's over for chinese. Big failo for them as a race. Many chinese people are in full-blown damage control. They are really like insect. The Hive Mind (China Land) is calling all chinese insect to perform damage control. Wherever they are whoever they are so long as they are chinese they must heed the call and do the bidding of the Hive Mind. CHinese are insect people for sure.
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