What is your stance on the legalization of weed?
#0 Sat Jan 18 05:23:25 PST 2020
I believe that the full legalization of marijuana would be beneficial in every single way imaginable.

>keeping a lot of people away from harder drugs, not all, but a lot people

>medicinal purposes

>hemp products


And really the list goes on and on.
#1 Sat Jan 18 15:51:30 PST 2020
Do it. Or don't. I don't care. Just cut the hippie crap, there are no real benefits. It's just another substance for the masses to abuse.
#2 Sun Jan 19 08:05:01 PST 2020
Not trying to be a "hippie", but not sure if you were just saying people overall or me personally with my post.
Human nature to abuse will always be present regardless if it's marijuana, heroin, and/or air duster.
#3 Sun Jan 19 22:40:23 PST 2020
I don’t think it should be criminalized, but I don’t trust people who smoke weed (as a habitual thing).
#4 Mon Jan 20 23:12:15 PST 2020
I agree.
#5 Tue Jan 21 14:08:08 PST 2020
Why exactly do you not trust people who smoke weed? I can understand in a sense of majority of smokers. But what if you knew the person already generally well? I smoke from time to time and I'm a very trustworthy individual once someone really builds a connection with me. However I too am overly catious by nature myself through personal experiences I've had with others.
#6 Thu Jan 23 17:04:13 PST 2020
greentext added.
#7 Fri Jan 24 04:03:30 PST 2020
>greentext added

Thank you!