Pajeets and Chinks are the Biggest Cancer on Earth
#0 Sat Jun 6 17:17:46 PDT 2020
Indians and Chinese are the two biggest cancer on Earth. Their countries are filthy and overpopulated. They immigrate to western (white) countries like hordes of cockroaches. These shitskin immigrants have little to no manners and are chauvinistic as well. Look at New Zealand that's what happens when you allow these shitskin cockroaches to infest your country. Canada is another sad example. Chinks and Pajeets truly are the cancers of Earth. Cleansing them from this earth will bring about the monumental change required to solve the overpopulation problem. It will be a huge net positive for humanity in the long run.
#1 Sun Jun 7 21:40:04 PDT 2020
There is no overpopulation problem, there is a distribution problem.
#2 Mon Jun 8 08:30:47 PDT 2020
hahahahah there is an overpopulation problem.
#3 Mon Jun 8 18:04:30 PDT 2020
Are you going to volunteer to start with yourself? What's that I hear? No? So you're just going to keep bitching without doing anything.
#4 Thu Jun 25 03:00:42 PDT 2020
No, you see, he is a good white person.
#5 Sat Jun 27 09:47:47 PDT 2020
Get a load of this guy. Imagine being so narrow-minded as to pigeon-hole 3 billion people. Anon, it would be helpful if you had ever left your home country and spent some time in a different culture. I strongly suggest it.