2020 Riots
#0 Tue Jun 2 19:49:50 PDT 2020
Let's have a discussion about it. I've been uploading a bunch of videos on /u/.

It should be obvious to many people by now that the death of the black guy Floyd doesn't actually matter to the vast majority of these people. They're just out to get their share of the loot and release some anger. I believe this event will make many apolitical and some left leaning people shift to the right.

The Anarchist Antifa are having a field day. They're trying to take advantage of the dumb and angry blacks to fulfill their wet dream of creating chaos and disorder. I think they're hoping that the chaos will cause the collapse of the current US govt and out of the ashes they can usher in whatever government they've been dreaming of. It's either that or they're just bored and want enjoy a good night of rioting and looting.

The video of a black girl returning a brick back to the anarchist antifas in their car is hilarious. The chimpout has been thoroughly entertaining so far. 2020 is looking bright.
#1 Tue Jun 2 21:18:59 PDT 2020
IF you're an actual racist you get to burn black communities without repercussion, not sure what they're trying to acomplish, it wold be way more effective to make a beeline straight to city hall or get all of those 20.000 people to just not pay their taxes when the season comes around.
Its the la riots all over again, the white people don't care because the moment they start burning the burbs roof koreans but white will just bust caps at them. but also hey free shit might as well get it since its gonna happen anyway and its not in their burbs.

I get that they're mad but it seems misdirected.
I don't think nothing short of publicly hanging the officers in question will stop them, which is probably not gonna happen they'll probably just get hired 2 towns over.

However the local gov needs to FRY big time, not only they have murdercops in their police department they also are letting people literally burn the whole city down. Whats the point of paying taxes to them if they are that incompetent?
#2 Wed Jun 3 11:50:20 PDT 2020
It's spreading to other western countries as well.
#3 Fri Jun 5 11:03:14 PDT 2020
Between the lockdowns, riots, and the fishy stuff behind the scenes, 2020 has been depressing as hell. I just wanted a quiet life, why do I have to deal with a stupid globalist powerplay?
#4 Sat Jun 6 15:21:20 PDT 2020
nothing is more touching than the multinational corporate monopolies' heartfelt condolences
#5 Sat Jun 13 19:20:04 PDT 2020
what's scary is how many people have been getting visited and/or raided by the FBI for posts they have made on FB. I know no one should post anything on FB ever, but these people don't know better.
#6 Sun Jun 14 00:59:20 PDT 2020
UC Berkeley History Professor’s Open Letter Against BLM, Police Brutality And Cultural Orthodoxy
#7 Sun Jun 14 13:27:01 PDT 2020
You know he makes good points against this movement when it sparks a witch hunt instead of counterarguments.
These people are nuts. They don't allow opposing opinions or even no opinion and are actively rewriting history but have no idea what awaits them once they outlive their usefulness to the system. CHAZ is pretty funny, though.