Random question
#0 Mon Feb 10 13:54:59 PST 2020
I wonder why some people support ideologies that go directly against them as people. Is it internalized guilt? Is it the self-preservation instinct ("if I stay on their good side, I'll be fine")?
#1 Tue Feb 11 12:13:57 PST 2020
#2 Wed Feb 12 09:29:00 PST 2020
Every ideology that's competing for power right now is directly against me as a person. What choice do I have? I hate all the options so I will support those who aim to destroy and humiliate the ideology I hate the most of all.
#3 Wed Feb 12 15:53:38 PST 2020
What kind of person are you? A conservative racist gay nigger?
#4 Wed Feb 12 18:27:54 PST 2020
That is the stupidest thing i read on this website by far and we had a dude clapping to himself, it made me laugh a bit i needed this thank you, keep on doing gods work autism man.
#5 Wed Feb 12 23:14:44 PST 2020
What does it matter? You don't care. You're looking for an excuse to go >>4
#6 Thu Feb 13 02:34:43 PST 2020
>>4 Yay someone actually read my post. *claps hands*
#7 Thu Feb 13 15:14:47 PST 2020
Like, bro, I know I'm giving Bro tier advice here but be the change you want to see bro. Just be a good man, find like-minded people, and start changing your local community, then start changing the bigger community, and maybe someday, start changing society.
#8 Thu Feb 13 18:25:06 PST 2020
>a dude clapping to himself

#9 Fri Feb 14 07:09:46 PST 2020
#10 Mon Feb 17 09:22:54 PST 2020
I would not hesitate to take out the trash if provided with an opportunity to do so even if it ended with me being allowed to commit suicide.
#11 Mon Feb 17 11:09:18 PST 2020
committing suicide its the easiest thing in the world, its so easy to die its comical.