Other Places
#0 Thu Aug 20 01:43:50 PDT 2020
What boards do/have you use/d besides here? I got here from Lainchan back whenever the owner posted it. I used Lizchan and Magicchan.
#1 Thu Aug 20 10:00:51 PDT 2020
  • wizchan - I started browsing in late 2013 and stopped in 2017. I'm also permabanned for posting little girls.
  • magicchan - I was there during its early days. I was also there when the modmin shut the site down because of pedo posting. I was the one posting the little girls.
  • hikkichan - I was a regular poster there until it died from pedo posting. I was the one posting the little girls.
  • lizchan - After the lizmin advertised on wizchan I browsed it for a while
  • krautchan - I enjoyed posting on the international board
  • 8ch - on and off before the new Zealand mosque shooter scandal. I mostly checked on the v9k and hikki board
  • librechan - I browsed the site for images of little girls
  • lainchan & arisuchan - I was never a fan of Lain, but I kinda like the aesthetics of those sites especially arisuchan.
  • sushichan & uboachan - I made a few posts, but I didn't stay for long.
  • 2ch.hk - I occasionally browse the /soc/ board for pics of cute russian girls
#2 Fri Aug 21 12:28:12 PDT 2020
I'm not going to go through all the boards I browse now individually right away, but thanks for sharing. Why'd you have to pedo post, man? Somehow those are about the sites I would have expected. 8/v9k//r9k//hikki/ weren't really to my taste. I did check those if barely along with /kind/ which is now at kind.moe. I did like lain and arisu but not sushi and uboa which have been run by the same guy now since sushi went off the old domain. There's a video on YT about why Hikkichan failed.
#3 Fri Aug 21 18:34:09 PDT 2020
Little girls are CUTE!
#4 Sun Aug 23 18:41:40 PDT 2020
I still remember thatfeelwhen.org
like tears in the rain
#5 Sun Aug 23 22:37:40 PDT 2020
lolifags belong in bodybags
#6 Mon Aug 24 03:46:39 PDT 2020
I haven't heard of that in a while. I used tfwnogf.com and tfwhen.com.
#7 Mon Aug 24 12:39:10 PDT 2020
#8 Thu Aug 27 19:05:28 PDT 2020
So everyone here knows about postbox.garden right? Well you do now. You have to take the effort to mail a physical postcard in in order to make a post.
#9 Sun Aug 30 20:58:43 PDT 2020
I'm too shy to send a postcard.
#10 Mon Aug 31 07:25:32 PDT 2020
>>9 Anon... I
#11 Mon Aug 31 15:57:04 PDT 2020
>>10 Everyone who handles a postcard can read it and the effort it takes to send one means I'd have to have something very good to say or others would wonder why I even bothered.
#12 Mon Aug 31 20:45:24 PDT 2020
Don't know if you guys know of HVDB. https://ecchikoe.me is for Japanese loli ASMR.
#13 Fri Sep 11 09:19:45 PDT 2020
For those who weren't aware, today is the last day of outburst.it, a micro-blog textboard.
#14 Fri Sep 11 21:38:06 PDT 2020
>>13 rip
#15 Sat Sep 12 19:13:19 PDT 2020
>>8 yeah so you dont actually need to mail in a postcard lol

>source: i post there sometimes
#16 Sun Sep 13 07:44:16 PDT 2020
>>15 What do you mean?