I keep clapping to myself today.
#0 Sat Feb 1 13:49:09 PST 2020
Anyone else randomly clap while sitting at the computer?
#1 Sat Feb 1 17:00:20 PST 2020
No, but I talk to myself sometimes. I like to imagine myself in a fictional situation where I have to talk to someone or a group of people. I do that to improve my speaking skills.
#2 Sun Feb 2 07:11:18 PST 2020
I talk to myself everyday so that way my speech doesn't suffer. It's more or less I'm just "thinking out loud" though.
#3 Sun Feb 23 02:23:33 PST 2020
Clap, sing, laugh, talk, do voices/impressions. Eye am one man spam.
#4 Sun Feb 23 13:48:18 PST 2020
Who can stop me from acting like I am batshit insane when nobody is looking? Talking to doorhandles, laying down on the floor on random occasions, yelling at the microwave to get its shit together while telling the fridge to keep cool, who can stop me?
#5 Wed Feb 26 07:55:46 PST 2020
Dissociate like no one's watching.
#6 Sat Feb 29 06:22:10 PST 2020
Honestly, I clap to myself as well OP.
#7 Mon May 25 19:38:19 PDT 2020
I sometimes do abrupt movements or little shouts too keep the blood pumping. I should excersice instead.
#8 Mon May 25 21:14:21 PDT 2020
Clapping those cheeks