How do I make money on the internet?
#0 Thu Jan 30 22:36:32 PST 2020
What are your experiences making money using the internet?
#1 Thu Jan 30 22:40:31 PST 2020
From an outside perspective, it doesn't seem like a very profitable idea.
#2 Fri Jan 31 00:55:31 PST 2020
amateur porn
#3 Fri Jan 31 07:09:36 PST 2020
Useless. Don't bother with transcription work. I haven't heard anything good about mechanical turk, either. Maybe you can sell your stuff on ebay or somewhere.
#4 Fri Jan 31 23:44:59 PST 2020
buy and/or sell stuff, scam people, porn, programmer(shit job), youtube, stocks(shit job).
#5 Sat Feb 1 00:30:18 PST 2020
I knew two people. One does internet marketing; the other writes smut.
#6 Sat Feb 29 06:30:31 PST 2020
How's the transcripting scene these days? Dogshit like always or have there been any improvements?
#7 Sat Jun 13 09:53:49 PDT 2020
Apparently furries pay shit loads for art comissions, maybe try? Even if I had the skills I wouldn't do it though, who would willingly subject themselves to that for money?
#8 Sat Jun 13 22:45:12 PDT 2020
everybody gotta eat and pay rent

i wouldn't go around saying i do that for a living though would probably have to come up with some excuse.
#9 Thu Jun 25 17:07:00 PDT 2020