#0 Thu Jan 30 12:05:15 PST 2020
I have a, currently still minor, but pretty embarrassing problem. I never really stopped biting my nails, tried stopping it very often already, but usually I can hold back for a few days, but then I get stressed and start again. I also started gnawing at the skin on my fingers, to the point where sometimes they will bleed and hurt. Recently I found my swiss knife again and started cutting off pieces of horn skin from my feet and toes, also my heel. I bled a lot once, my bed looked like a surgery table the next morning. I also cut off a callus from my middle finger, now it hurts everytime I write something with a pen. I don't know how to stop and I feel like it is getting worse and worse.
#1 Thu Jan 30 12:37:38 PST 2020
I don't know that feel, bro. Good luck with your situation I guess...
#2 Thu Jan 30 14:08:26 PST 2020
Around the beginning of last year, I managed to stop for several months but the habit came back. I do it more when stressed, I think, but also as a form of fidgeting. I bite my nails until they're gone then pick at my cuticles and even use knives as well. Sometimes my fingers bleed and it's embarrassing and disgusting. Ironically, a lot of my picking is done to try fixing the damage.

Anyway, try some good lotion; keeping dry skin from catching on my clothing removed a lot of the reason to bite. O'Keefe's worked better for me than the lotions in a pump bottle.
#3 Thu Jan 30 21:10:02 PST 2020
That sound awful.
#4 Thu Jan 30 21:43:12 PST 2020
Thank you for responding, now I know that I am at least not alone in this situation.

I haven't tried lotion yet, but I may be able to buy something today, thanks for the tip. The only thing I kinda used a few times when I was younger was one of these disgusting anti-nail-biting pens, which make your whole mouth taste rotten as soon as you bring your fingers near it. For now, I just put a band aid around the small spot on my middle finger.
#5 Fri Jan 31 07:07:38 PST 2020
The nail coating was never enough to stop me but I've tried that as well. I mostly just accept it since no one really calls me out on it but I try to avoid biting in public for sanitary reasons, though picking is easier to hide.
#6 Sun Feb 2 05:12:25 PST 2020
Is there anything you could do instead of that? Play with a Rubik's cube or something?
#7 Fri Feb 7 20:55:32 PST 2020

just stop. ignore the urge and it will go away eventually.
#8 Tue Feb 11 16:07:08 PST 2020
Thats the equivalent of the "Go for a walk" cure for depression. It isn't something you notice while doing it, sometimes I only notice that I was chewing my nails or picking my skin when it starts to hurt and bleed.
#9 Tue Feb 11 16:37:28 PST 2020
be more self-conscious of your actions then. then you'll have an easier time stopping the habit once you get better noticing when the nail-biting happens.
#10 Wed Feb 12 06:05:46 PST 2020
It doesn't work like that.