Is anyone else here sick of Discord?
#0 Wed Jan 22 13:51:31 PST 2020
I keep getting my accounts locked wanting a phone verification which I absolutely refuse to do.
#1 Wed Jan 22 14:57:36 PST 2020
I don't use it!
#2 Wed Jan 22 22:10:32 PST 2020
What do you use?
#3 Wed Jan 22 23:44:33 PST 2020
Imageboards and textboards. Non-anonymous discussion are too stressful for me.
#4 Thu Jan 23 06:39:34 PST 2020
I don't use it either. I'm worried how many scanlation groups seem to shifting to it as their main platform, though. I download chapters, so it makes it a little more of a pain to get my mangos.
#5 Thu Jan 23 08:53:24 PST 2020
I agree, I'd rather just torrent anything such as that.
#6 Thu Jan 23 21:20:48 PST 2020
Discord sucks, I never touch it. As much as I don't understand irc I still prefer it to having to sign into that shit. Also there is a lot of imageboard drama surrounding discord if that interests anyone.
#7 Sat Jan 25 05:21:25 PST 2020
Oh look it’s another Discord thread!
#8 Sun Feb 16 10:24:57 PST 2020
I hate it, discord has destroyed so many good communities with their google tier data collection.
#9 Mon Feb 17 23:20:38 PST 2020
Does anyone here even use Discord and if so, what exactly is your reasoning in doing so?
#10 Tue Feb 18 06:48:10 PST 2020
Imagine you have an online friend who is the only one who is nice to you everyday and even pretends to care about you. Are you just going to ditch them? I wouldn’t abandon a friend if the feds were after them.
#11 Tue Feb 18 08:03:13 PST 2020
Is he/she really your friend if he/she isn't willing to switch way to chat with you?
#12 Tue Feb 18 19:13:26 PST 2020
That goes both ways, the person using discord wants you to switch to their side.
#13 Wed Feb 19 21:58:40 PST 2020
I have people who beg me to come back to Facebook and I sperg out telling them I'd rather kill myself and chop my dick off while fucking my asshole with it then ever join that normie hellhole.
#14 Thu Feb 20 13:56:36 PST 2020
>Does anyone here even use Discord and if so, what exactly is your reasoning in doing so?

This place is ripe with the stench of normalfag. Draw your own conclusions.
#15 Fri Feb 21 20:43:40 PST 2020
Why do you keep coming here then?

>life fucking sucks guys

Nevermind have a nice day(lol)
#16 Sat Feb 29 06:26:20 PST 2020
Why aren't we discussing better alternatives here?

>inb4: just use IRC

That's too easy, everyone
know by now that IRC is the best way to go. But sometimes it's more difficult to find a niche community to become a part of due to the channels being completely bum fucked dead.

I've been considering trying out Matrix for a while now.