How's 2020 Been So Far?
#0 Fri Jan 17 04:32:59 PST 2020
It's been oddly enough a lot more positive despite everything else happening around me as well as in the world. It seems like my mental state has really shifted in a better direction.
#1 Fri Jan 17 10:39:41 PST 2020
Very neutral and boring so far. I'm still on the same old routine.
#2 Sat Jan 18 05:24:42 PST 2020
What's your routine?
#3 Sat Jan 18 09:51:10 PST 2020
  1. Browse internet
  2. Play video games
  3. Eat
  4. Sleep
#4 Sat Jan 18 10:11:15 PST 2020
What kind of games are you interested in?
I also would say maybe try to change up what websites you visit once and a while. That seems to help me not get so burned out online.
#5 Sat Jan 18 11:51:14 PST 2020
Currently playing Nioh.
#6 Sat Jan 18 12:30:34 PST 2020
Ah, that's cool. I haven't played it myself though.
How are you liking it?
#7 Sat Jan 18 13:33:07 PST 2020
#8 Sat Jan 18 15:14:32 PST 2020
It's pretty fun.
#9 Sun Jan 19 08:11:23 PST 2020
What's been going on to make it horrible?

Yeah, from what I initially gather it's a
hack n' slash
. I'm a fan of the Devil May Cry games, so I may try it out one day. Speaking of DMC, I still need to play DMC5.
#10 Mon Jan 20 20:44:21 PST 2020
I really hope that I change myself in a big way this decade. It would be immensely sad and disappointing if I spent another decade being NEET. I will commit suicide if I end up doing that because I will be in my 30s, my youth gone and nothing to show for it. What's the point of living if you are just cooped up in your bedroom 24/7? It is my own personal hell.
#11 Tue Jan 21 00:43:13 PST 2020
I wish you the best man. Good luck with your life. NEETdom can be hell if you're poor and your parents hate you for being NEET.
#12 Tue Jan 21 14:13:34 PST 2020
Are you me and I just forgot that I made this post?
#13 Tue Jan 21 16:35:56 PST 2020
just cooped up in your bedroom 24/7

That's not hell, that's the only way I can remain alive. Hell is other people.

What's been going on to make it horrible?

I posted about it before the last wipe. I won't do it again because people's opinions hurt me.
#14 Thu Jan 23 01:34:48 PST 2020
Join a gym, a club, do martial arts or a sport etc.
#15 Thu Jan 23 08:52:37 PST 2020
I wish I lived somewhere interesting enough to have those things.
#16 Fri Jan 24 01:12:28 PST 2020
I shaved my pubes a while ago in the shower. It feels smooth and soft. 2020 is looking like it'll be a great decade.
#17 Fri Jan 24 04:15:26 PST 2020
Nice! I need to do the same. I haven't shaved in some time now, it's like Busch Gardens down there.
#18 Sat Feb 29 06:31:05 PST 2020
2020 has been strange. It hasn't really been good or bad fair to say.
#19 Wed Mar 18 22:53:27 PDT 2020
It's looking great!
#20 Tue Apr 7 16:31:31 PDT 2020
That ball & taint shit gets way too itchy. I'll just trim down the upper part when it starts to get hot outside.