Overly Anxious Online
#0 Sat Jun 20 00:59:46 PDT 2020
Are you too neurotic? I feel that whenever I make a forum post I can't bring myself to check on the thread because someone might say something that will hurt my feelings. I know it sounds absolutely pathetic, but it's a big issue for me. When I do decide to check back on the thread my heartbeat goes up, and it feels like I'm entering into the fight or flight mode.
#1 Sat Jun 20 15:21:03 PDT 2020
#2 Sat Jun 20 17:11:44 PDT 2020
Same here. I can't do live chats or stuff requiring usernames. Hell, sometimes I get nervous entering irc channels just to dl some stuff. Just so you know, OP, I have not judged you for your post.
#3 Sun Jun 21 15:56:28 PDT 2020
I only feel that way when I know I am behaving in a way that will be perceived as stupid.
#4 Sun Jun 21 22:42:49 PDT 2020

just behave another way then
#5 Thu Jun 25 17:05:26 PDT 2020
nta but that's the case when you have an unpopular opinion that you know is right, and the ones who ~perceive it as stupid~ are in the wrong. I can't not say it because of a few stupid reactions.