We'll make it guys
#0 Sun May 17 21:04:33 PDT 2020
Don't cry! Keep shooting for the star. We'll make it yes we will.
#1 Tue May 19 05:26:59 PDT 2020
#2 Tue May 19 15:37:56 PDT 2020
No, you won't.
#3 Tue May 19 21:27:37 PDT 2020
wow what a faggot
#4 Sat May 23 22:32:30 PDT 2020
Yes, he is.
#5 Tue Jun 2 12:23:56 PDT 2020
I hope so.

I'm a socially retarded person. I don't know how to interact with other human beings in real life. My parents were neglectful idiots. Father was gone most of the time and my mother was a neurotic person. It was a bad start and I'm still feeling the repercussions today. I'm 25 years old now and my current settings are:
  • still a student
  • still living with parents
  • no income
  • no drivers license
  • no friends
  • kissless handholdless hugless virgin

It's very depressing when I think about those settings. The lack of intimate experiences with females and friends hits me especially hard. My goal right now is to finish my education, find a job, move out, and reinvent myself. I would like to achieve all of that before I reach 30.
#6 Tue Jun 2 13:59:55 PDT 2020
get a hobby that makes you leave the house something that makes you interact with other people, drivers licence its overated.
#7 Sun Jun 7 21:34:48 PDT 2020
if my head is a star i will keep trying to shoot it