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#0 Sat Apr 18 01:47:52 PDT 2020
Buddy there’s no happy ending for any of us. If you found this website it’s already over in the grand scheme of things.

All we’re doing is damage control making our lives a bit better etc. And for you this means getting the job out of the way. Stop waiting for a fairytale scenario for yourself

that’s all I can say
#1 Sat Apr 18 11:15:16 PDT 2020
Well, i found this website because it was advertised in a couple of less than reputable websites. but even then the people who frequented those only a small part of the already small userbase has a "shit" life, they just tend to be the ones that fill it up with complains and crying about their lives because they have nothing better to do effectively killing the board, there is so many of small image/text/bulletin/etc boards that are literally the same, and since most are anonymous you don't really have a connection with those people which just makes people quit when someone disagree with them.

All they want is friends that roughly have the same opinions and be "comfy", yet they frequent anonymous boards where there is no connection to others at all.

If you have no friends this is possibly the worst way to spend your life since you are just gonna feel betrayed the moment someone disagrees in one thing even though you agree in everything else, but you don't know because it could be anybody then you just move to another one, the number and frequency of posts dives substantially and everybody thinks the board is dead.

Even though they all share the same principle which is not to make friends and be comfortable, but discussion at face argument value since everybody is anonymous and there is no preconceptions, but if you spill the beans about your life sucking and stuff you are literally giving ammo for the arguments to the other side.
#2 Tue Apr 21 02:45:39 PDT 2020
How did you find this site, OP?
#3 Tue Apr 21 10:22:42 PDT 2020
It doesn't matter how I found this site. What matters is that I'm here.
#4 Tue Apr 21 15:00:40 PDT 2020
But who are you? You are nothing, its an anonymous board you are mere words on a screen.
#5 Tue Apr 21 18:31:16 PDT 2020
I asked because you sound like an outsider who came on this site to attack us specifically. Go back to your facebook shithole that you came from.
#6 Tue Apr 21 22:10:04 PDT 2020
I am nothing, i am words on your screen, there is no need to take it personal buddy i am not attacking you, i don't know who you are, you are nothing more than mere words on my screen.
However those words portray an idea, a point of view, its entirely up to you whether you accept them as true or not, however those words can and should be backed up by substantial and provable claims other than "solid assumptions" giving them credibility.
And if you do not present a point of view that can be backed and not refuted, those words will be the only credible ones who are providing an idea, an idea that if it is outside your point of view will give the impression it comes from an outsider in your circle.

I don't care if you attach yourself to these words and take it personal but maybe I actually want to keep my anonymity unlike some people.

Also some of the posts basically calling people incels(hes not wrong but its very gratuitous and doesn't add anything) are not mine, thats some other retard.
#7 Sun Jul 5 18:33:04 PDT 2020