Beey, get a favicon again now! Please...
#0 Sat Feb 29 06:11:02 PST 2020
I'm dying without one here. I can't organize my bookmarks properly without one.
#1 Sat Feb 29 17:32:03 PST 2020
I'm not creative enough to make a good looking icon.
#2 Sun Mar 1 05:21:19 PST 2020
Just put a 16x16 icon of the bee character from "Bee Movie" or some shit. Damn.
#3 Sun Mar 1 06:57:45 PST 2020
I've been considering leaving if beey doesn't get a favicon. It bothers me, you aren't alone OP. Beey doesn't understand that some of us here have OCD and autism.
#4 Sun Mar 1 12:20:57 PST 2020
Okay, I will try making one again. It'll take me a while though.
#5 Sun Mar 1 21:25:37 PST 2020
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#6 Mon Mar 2 06:00:59 PST 2020
#7 Mon Mar 2 12:04:19 PST 2020
Leave it as it is.
#8 Tue Mar 3 02:56:05 PST 2020
It would be nice if this place did have a favicon though. Any ideas?
#9 Tue Mar 3 13:36:04 PST 2020
Someone suggested a bee but what about a simple beehive? That seems easy to make if you're art skills aren't in the negative like mine. Although I don't know if beey wants a bee theme anyway.
#10 Tue Mar 3 14:23:14 PST 2020
@9 Maybe just a simple black and white hexagonal beehive. Would fit the board aesthetic.
#11 Tue Mar 3 17:06:50 PST 2020
I like that idea, so I tried to make one like that. For everyone's consideration, I have uploaded a colored version as well.
#12 Tue Mar 3 19:10:53 PST 2020
Thank you. I like it very much.
#13 Wed Mar 4 04:36:16 PST 2020
Very nice Beey, simple but fitting to the atmosphere of the website. Cool.