Techonolgical anxiety/paranoia
#0 Sat Feb 15 13:28:18 PST 2020
Lately I've been feeling very fearful and worried about using technology as it seems technology keep getting worse and worse with every new development; more spyware, more ads, more viruses, etc. Not to mention it develops so fast, to think people in the past used the same old machines for the entirety of their life while we need to replace entire systems every decade and even less than that, it's very tiresome and troubling. Does anyone else feels the same way?
#1 Sat Feb 15 16:33:12 PST 2020
Yeah, but I'm too small and weak to make any significant changes. Technology is a good cope for my existence, so I will use it until I die.
#2 Sat Feb 15 22:30:35 PST 2020
I stopped using cell phones altogether.
#3 Sat Feb 29 06:29:37 PST 2020
I also stopped using cell phones. It sucks at times and I feel really out of place a lot. But it was a good solid choice in my opinion.
#4 Sat Feb 29 10:52:02 PST 2020
I just use older technology and worry that my devices will break or my software will become obsolete and I'll be forced to upgrade to newer versions that are not only crammed full of anti-features but also confusing for me, since it'll be a huge jump in development.
#5 Wed Mar 11 09:15:14 PDT 2020
Open hardware is a nice development, if nascent.