3 weeks on no fap
#0 Tue Feb 11 12:15:58 PST 2020
feel an extreme urge to fap but only when i see a hot chick instead of all the time
#1 Wed Feb 12 00:06:58 PST 2020
Reply should work now. Sorry about that.
#2 Wed Feb 12 00:21:11 PST 2020
The longest that I can go is 1 week. Being in front of a computer everyday makes it very hard to abstain from masturbating.
#3 Wed Feb 12 06:05:04 PST 2020
>trusting broscience

Enjoy your prostate cancer.
#4 Wed Feb 12 08:34:27 PST 2020
i had sex
#5 Wed Feb 12 15:52:30 PST 2020
> i had sex
#6 Wed Feb 12 18:23:41 PST 2020

Before no fap = no sex
In no fap= having sex semi-frequently

I mean it might not be related but i can't really think of anything else i done differently.
#7 Thu Feb 13 03:25:25 PST 2020
now git out
#8 Thu Feb 13 12:24:16 PST 2020
I fapped earlier, feelsgoodman.
#9 Fri Feb 14 00:11:15 PST 2020
I fapped twice today
#10 Sat Feb 15 01:47:24 PST 2020
I had sex for Valentine's Day.
#11 Sat Feb 15 09:43:12 PST 2020
No one cares you piece of shit.
#12 Sat Feb 15 11:52:45 PST 2020

i care good on you brother
#13 Sat Feb 15 22:29:35 PST 2020
The incel stentch is strong here. Pathetic to get worked up over someone else having sex.

Good job, I'd give you a high five if I could just pissing off the idiotic /r9k/ scum that have managed to find their way here.
#14 Sun Feb 16 10:14:34 PST 2020
The man manages to carefully construct the posts in a way that he knows will trigger all of the retards here and you fags take the bait, hook, line and sinker, its amusing in almost a sad kinda way, that its probably the only conflict that you encounter in your lives and its not even in the real world.
#15 Sun Feb 16 11:35:48 PST 2020
Go get hit by a bus.
#16 Mon Feb 17 23:18:24 PST 2020
Who are you even talking to?
#17 Sat Feb 29 06:28:40 PST 2020
I'm going to try to fap a bit less. I have done pretty good in the last month. Fapping around once a day. Sometimes even going once every other day. Which I want to get that to be my average and push some more space in between my "fap sessions".
#18 Sat Apr 18 19:36:50 PDT 2020
It feels almost impossible to nofap on quarentine.