Losing Interest
#0 Wed Jan 15 16:59:59 PST 2020
I don't know why but I'm losing my interest in working on the textboard. I do all this work just to pass the time to be honest lmao. I think I will take a short break and see if my interest will recover.
#1 Wed Jan 15 23:26:32 PST 2020
Just take a break and relax for a while, you deserve it.
I've been here since last Summer and I'm not planning on going anywhere.
#2 Thu Jan 16 21:35:46 PST 2020
Alright, I'm feeling better now. I will continue my work on the new boards.
#3 Fri Jan 17 04:27:12 PST 2020
That's good that you are feeling better now.
I'm finally on a normal sleeping schedule, but I'm still fighting from getting sick. I'll keep checking back to see how the progress is coming. In the meanwhile I'll keep posting around when relevant as well as in the imageboard. ~がんばれ!
#4 Thu Jan 23 21:23:44 PST 2020
Your project friend do it at your pace.
#5 Sat Feb 29 06:31:58 PST 2020
Don't give up on this place Beey and FFS just focus on maintaining a favicon if you want this place to thrive.