Welcome to the new Textboard!
#0 Tue Jan 14 15:45:48 PST 2020
Hello everyone I hope that you all will like new changes. I will make a detailed information page in the future. For now I just want you all to see the changes. The rewrite was a success and the code is now cleaner, smaller, and better than before. There may be some bugs that I might have missed so I will be on the lookout for that.

We can now discuss the new boards and their theme. This current board may or may not be a permanent board depending on the interest of the users. I will list out some of the boards that I have on my mind:
  • A /feels/ board for discussing personal feelings, mental health, and personal experiences.
  • A /pol/ board for discussing politics and current events.
  • A /media/ board for discussing various media-related stuff like music, films, and video games
  • A /lit/ board for discussing literature, books, and other writings.

Feel free to express your opinions on the new boards and give your suggestions.
#1 Tue Jan 14 18:07:41 PST 2020
Too few users for more than one board. I suggest keeping all threads in one place for now.

Maybe discussions with different themes could all be kept within a single board, but still made discernible at a glance in another manner, avoiding unneeded fragmentation of the place.
For example if one could choose a desired theme of discussion at thread creation (could be something like a drop down list of things like feels, pol, media etc.) the thread title would then be displayed in a certain colour assigned to that theme.
You could have instantly recognizable white thread titles for general/uncategorized discussions, grey titles for sad feels, red titles for anger-inducing politics, blue for media because... bluray? And so on.
I don't know if I'm making any sense here.
Anything could be used to mark the different themes. Arbitrary font colours, tiny icons, symbols, whatever.
Then if you really wanted to make the experience seem closer to a classic site that's split into themed boards, you could add some kind of optional filter to display only a chosen category of discussion. Or better yet, some checkboxes so every user could tick or untick any themes they want or don't want to view.

But these are only some baseless ideas I just made up. I don't know anything about programming or ergonomics.
#2 Tue Jan 14 18:35:14 PST 2020
#3 Tue Jan 14 18:39:19 PST 2020
It looks good.
#4 Tue Jan 14 23:19:48 PST 2020
That's doable, but, I think the multiple boards approach would be better and easier to do. I will advertise the site to increase the user base. Those boards that I've listed above aren't set in stone yet. I just want to know your opinions on those boards and your suggestions for the new boards. I saw /comfy/ on the imageboard and I will consider that.
#5 Wed Jan 15 07:42:16 PST 2020
Different changes, but not bad. Just going to take me some time to get used to it. Keep up the good work as always. I'll stay around as long as you keep things up and running.
#6 Sun Jan 19 18:56:56 PST 2020
I like the theme for this board, especially since I recently started using pink as an accent color for my computer and phone.

What would /comfy/ be? Seems like it would steal a lot of positive threads that might be posted here otherwise.
#7 Mon Jan 20 10:31:42 PST 2020
You are completely right about comfy. I came to that conclusion as well.
#8 Mon Jan 20 20:47:29 PST 2020
#9 Mon Jan 20 20:52:30 PST 2020
Weird, I had some issue posting.
#10 Mon Jan 20 22:20:15 PST 2020
#11 Mon Jan 20 22:23:50 PST 2020
#12 Mon Jan 20 22:55:28 PST 2020
#13 Mon Jan 20 22:56:02 PST 2020
That should fix it.
#14 Mon Jan 20 23:30:07 PST 2020
Another test!
#15 Mon Jan 20 23:30:46 PST 2020
One More!
#16 Thu Jan 23 16:51:14 PST 2020
Greentext has been re-added since people seem to use it a lot.
>Greentext has been re-added since people seem to use it a lot.
#17 Thu Jan 23 18:15:42 PST 2020
tank you beey-sama
#18 Thu Jan 23 19:05:55 PST 2020
Remove normies from the premises.
#19 Fri Jan 24 04:33:12 PST 2020

You first.
#20 Fri Jan 24 16:14:39 PST 2020

#21 Fri Jan 24 17:25:15 PST 2020
I can sympathize with your feelings. But, I think it would be best to not ban anyone at all, so that the boards will remain open to all opinions.
#22 Sat Jan 25 05:23:21 PST 2020
Normalfags ruin everything. You’ll eat those words.
#23 Sun Jan 26 13:07:18 PST 2020
I don't mean outright ban them. Remove them on another level of understanding, man. For when you remove the normie from the premises of your mind and spirit, the normalfags inhabiting the physical plane around you shall also remove themselves. That is the way of the urbanite monk. *gong*

Yeah, they do. But on the other hand boards like these shouldn't get too strict with moderation.
There seems to be a
that guy
but they're probably just having a giggle. So far so good, unless they multiply like chinese deadly diseases.
#24 Sun Jan 26 18:36:55 PST 2020
please don't turn this board into wizchan - r9k - 8ch /anyboard/ because then whats the point if it just gonna be the same thing with the same users just on a different layout, banter is good don't turn into a safespace.

Also off topic but i really like the gui on this board its very spartan but austere at the same time.
#25 Mon Jan 27 21:17:57 PST 2020
Thank you. You can rest easy; I don't want to create strict rules for the discussion boards. I would much prefer having only guidelines and little to no rules.
#26 Tue Jan 28 21:10:13 PST 2020
But I need a safe space.
#27 Tue Jan 28 21:37:18 PST 2020
#28 Tue Jan 28 21:48:24 PST 2020
another test
#29 Tue Jan 28 21:53:10 PST 2020
one more test
#30 Tue Jan 28 22:07:44 PST 2020
last test for now
#31 Thu Jan 30 09:38:59 PST 2020
I think it looks weird that the thread text is not in a box but replies are.
#32 Fri Jan 31 00:29:58 PST 2020
Also, return/back functionality is a bit broken. Still a nice board tho.
#33 Tue Feb 11 14:02:14 PST 2020
#34 Sat Feb 29 06:30:06 PST 2020